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Top 10 Residences at Colby College

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Destiny Summers
Are you interested in living on or close to campus? Well we have a few listed down below for you. We know how stressful looking for housing can be. We are here to help! Below we have listed the top ten residences at Colby College!

1. PE-WI

PE-WI Address: Waterville, ME 04901 Students who are interested in living on campus can live in the Pe-WI. This community is built to help students develop a sense of community as well. Students will also find many lounges and other spaces here as well.


Mary Low Address: Waterville, ME 04901 Students here will be able to find many rooms and amenities that will accommodate them while living on campus. Here, students will also find a coffee house as well.


Alfond apartmetns Address: Waterville, ME 04901 These apartments are specifically reserved for seniors. Here, students will be able to live in a two to three bedroom apartment. Each apartment is also fully furnished.


Johnson Address: Waterville, ME 04901 This hall is made up of single, double, and triple rooms. It is also centrally located on campus so this makes it easier for students who live here to get around much quicker.


AMS Address: Waterville, ME 04901 This building is made up of singles, doubles, and suites. Students can find many lounge areas, study rooms, and more. They can also enjoy a courtyard.


Coburn Address: Coburn, Waterville, ME 04901 This dorm is consisted of two buildings. Here, students can find a common area, a kitchen, and vending machines. There are also laundry facilities in the basement that students are free to use.


Dana Address: Dana, Waterville, ME 04901 This building is one of the largest residence halls on campus. Students who are housed here can find many amenities. This includes a common area that is located on each floor and a community kitchen.


Woodman Address: Woodman, Waterville, ME 04901 This residence hall connects two buildings. Each floor has a common area in which students can hangout or even study. There are even study rooms located throughout the building as well.


Goddard Hodgkins Address: Goddard Hodgkins, Waterville, ME 04901 This building consists of double, single, and triple rooms. Here, students can enjoy a number of amenities. This includes a common area, kitchen area, and more.

10. FOSS

Foss Address: Foss, Waterville, ME 04901 This building consists of many rooms where students will call their next home for the next semester or two. Here, students can find a common area on each floor and a community kitchen.

Here’s Your Move-In Day Packing List at Colby College

1) Room Basics

Dorm essentials – Toiletries – Bed sheets – Mini-fridge – Snacks – Posters

2) Food and Snacks

These are snacks – Plastic wrap – Paper Bags – Water Bottles – Soup – Plastic Utensils

3) Tech and Entertainment

Different technology – Gaming Console – Headphones – Laptop – Power Strip – Speakers

4) School Supplies

School supplies – Binders – Tab Dividers – Glue – Writing Utensils – Daily planner

5) Cleaning and Organization

An image of cleaning supplies – Trash Bags – Laundry Baskets – Detergent – Surface Cleaner – Drier Sheets

6) Campus Gear

An image of shower shoes – Shower Shoes – A Swimsuit – Sweatshirts – A Winter Coat – A Backpack

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

An image of a fan – Fans – A Water Filter – Cooking Spray – Lighters – Candles


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