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Changing between classes isn’t easy at any school. However, at College of Charleston, an institution in the middle of a city, walking to and from class is almost impossible. The school and city are so intertwined that, at times, it’s hard to determine where one ends and the other begins! And, of course, this comes with its unique set of complications.


1. So Many Traffic Lights

It seems like every couple of feet, there are traffic lights. This is because Charleston is such a busy city, and the center of campus is just a block away from the main street, King Street. But, as a student, having to stop every few seconds to wait for the light to change and the cars to stop flying by is ridiculously inconvenient. So inconvenient, in fact, that students have to account for the traffic lights when scheduling classes.


2. Uneven Sidewalks

Students and tourists alike are caught off guard by the uneven sidewalks surrounding College of Charleston. Tripping, falling, and scraping knees are common occurrences on these streets. So common, in fact, that there is a specific phrase used to describe how people walk across the sidewalks to prevent wipeouts: The Charleston Shuffle. With fear of falls in the back of students’ minds, they must slow down as they walk across the sidewalks to get to and from class.


3. Heavy Foot Traffic

On top of the uneven sidewalks, heavy foot traffic often impedes travel to and from classes. Because the sidewalks are so thin, and the roads are constantly full of aggressive drivers, students have no choice but to walk excruciatingly slow in a single-file line until they get to their needed building. To make matters more complicated, the majority of students go to and from classes at the same exact time, which makes the volume of students rushing on the narrow sidewalks even larger.

4. Constant Construction

Wherever students travel in Charleston, they are sure to be met with construction. Whether it’s a pothole, a dip in the sidewalk, or a larger problem, there is always something broken that needs to be fixed immediately. This creates a million and one problems for students trying to walk quickly to and from classes such as the spontaneous need for detours!

5. Aggressive Drivers

With all the street lights, narrow sidewalks, and constant construction, students really don’t need any other complications as they try to get to class. However, there is another huge one: aggressive drivers. People in Charleston are always in a rush driving to an internship, job, or to campus. As a result, they tend to not be the most considerate drivers, and students are forced to brace for drivers running red lights are they head to their classes.


Ultimately, walking to and from classes on any college campus poses unique challenges and College of Charleston is no exception. The combination of traffic lights, uneven sidewalks, heavy foot traffic, construction, and aggressive drivers makes even walking across the street difficult! However, once students are able to get their footing (a talent that often comes with time), travel becomes much more effective, safe, and simple.


Kyra Swartz

I am a sophomore at the Honors College at College of Charleston. There I am a double major in Early Childhood Education and English with a concentration in Creative Writing!

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