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Horror stories about terrible professors? Extremely common. Students voluntarily speaking about the amazing professors that they’ve had? Not so much. However, at College of Charleston, great professors are the standard. Here’s why:

1. Availability

Regardless of whether or not class is in session, the professors at CofC are always available. It doesn’t matter the time. Whether it’s over long weekends or breaks, they are always willing to help with anything and everything that their students need. Their desire to go above and beyond the standard demonstrates how great these professors truly are.


2. Relatability

Interestingly enough, professors at CofC are extremely relatable. And, even if they don’t immediately have anything in common with their students, they are more than willing to search until they find something to connect them. By putting in all of this effort, students feel that their professors truly care, which, in turn, encourages them to continue reaching out to professors when they’re in need of assistance.


3. Openness

Professors are, for the most part, open and talkative with their students. They are willing to speak about their own college experiences, their families, and their children. Professors at CofC are unlikely to withhold any important information about who they are from their students. Their openness ultimately builds a sense of trust between them and their students.

4. Grade Fairness

Professors are extremely flexible regarding grades. At CofC, most professors have their own grading scale that is specifically designed to help students succeed in that particular course. If, for some reason, a student is struggling in a course, professors will meet with that student and come up with a plan to help them to both raise their grade and learn the given material to the best of their own ability.

Overall, professors at any school have the potential to be great. However, the professors at College of Charleston, truly are some of the best around. They’re available to help at all hours of the day, they are relatable and open, and most importantly, they will always help their students to succeed.


Kyra Swartz

I am a sophomore at the Honors College at College of Charleston. There I am a double major in Early Childhood Education and English with a concentration in Creative Writing!

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