Randolph hall college of charleston

Understandably, not every student going to college is interested in furthering their academic career with an Honors College degree. The Honors College at any school takes time, work, and dedication. But, for students who want to put in the extra effort, the Honors College at CofC is a great place to go!



1. The Honors Center

For students who like a space to call their own, The Honors Center is the place to go. Located in the most beautiful part of campus, The Honors Center provides students with balconies, computers, free printing, coffee, tea, and even snacks! Beyond that, this is a great place to meet other students with the same academic ideals. The environment is warm, welcoming, and wonderful!


2. Faculty Support

Honors Faculty are always ready to drop everything to help their students. Professors even tailor course material to a classes’ overall academic interest. Knowing that professors, deans, and other influential faculty on campus are there to help reassure students and offers them a genuine sense of comfort and support.


3. Opportunities

The Honors Colleges gives all of its students as many opportunities as possible! Internships, service learning activities, study abroad programs, grants, jobs, and more are all offered to Honors students. Beyond solely the opportunities, the Honors College and its faculty strive to ensure that each student has the means to not only succeed in school, but also to explore their own interests and passions.

4. Challenging and Engaging Courses

The Honors College requires students to take approximately one-third of their college course load as Honors courses. And, though this may initially seem overwhelming for incoming freshmen, there are actually some amazing and engaging courses that can be taken. The required Honors Interdisciplinary courses change each year depending on major current events and students’ interests! Courses at the Honors College are rarely ever boring.

5. Community of Students

Just like any organization with a small number of members, the students of the Honors College at CofC are a community. Older students are there to help, support, guide, and mentor the younger ones, while the younger ones are able to inspire and contribute new ideas. Growing together, learning together, and discovering together is what the Honors College is all about.


The Honors College at College of Charleston is, arguably, the best in the South. The small number of students within this organization allow for a close community of like-minded individuals. Class curriculum can be tailored to individual interests and passions. More importantly, this is something that the professors truly want to do. The experience in the Honors College here is like no other.


Kyra Swartz

I am a sophomore at the Honors College at College of Charleston. There I am a double major in Early Childhood Education and English with a concentration in Creative Writing!

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