College of charleston best courses

The College of Charleston attracts students from across the world. Students have a variety of courses that they can take during their time at college. Some of the courses are difficult while others are much easier. Here is a list of some of the best-rated College of Charleston courses by former students:

MKTG 425 – Marketing Management

Students can download the MKTG 425 Final Exam Study Guide

SPAN 101 – Beginning Spanish

SPAN 101 students can now download a copy of the exam study guide.

ACCT 203 – Financial Accounting

ANTH 101 – Introduction to Anthropology 

GEOG 101 – World Regional Geography

CHEM 101 – General Chemistry 

HIST 103 – World History to 1500

SOCY 101 – Introductory Sociology

PSYC 103 – Introduction to Psychological Science

CSCI 112 – Communications Technology/Internet



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