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Top 10 Majors at College of Staten Island

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Abdullah Haroon
21 Nov 2018
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College of Staten Island which is also known as CSI is a public institute which was founded in 1976. The current enrollment of the college is 12,509 and it is covering an area of 204 acres. The college is offering many undergraduate and doctoral programs. Below is the list of top 10 major at College of Staten Island.

1. Psychology

Psychology is a basic degree which is most popular in most of the parts of the world. Every institute is offering a bachelors degree in this field and so does College of Staten Island. Till now 268 students have taken a degree in Psychology from CSI.

2. Liberal Arts and Humanities

In the field of Liberal Arts and Humanities, CSI is offering a lot for the graduates. According to the stats, 528 students got this degree from CSI till now. If you are looking for a degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities, CSI might be a decent option for you.

3. Business

In the field of Business, Management & Marketing, CSI has a lot to offer. Currently, University has 2 distinct program enrolled in this field which are  Accounting, and General Business/Commerce. In 2016-17, there was a total of 225 graduates in this discipline.

4. Nursing

In the field of Nursing, CSI is working a lot better as compared to many other majors. In 2016-17, the college awarded the degree of Nursing to 225 graduates.

5. English Literature

Different books on English Literature CSI is offering only one distinct program in the field of English Literature which is General English Literature. In this field, 97 students graduated in 2016-17.

6. Biology

Tools used in biology lab There are plenty of options for the students of Biology in CSI as it is offering a couple of unique programs in the field of Biological & Biomedical Sciences including Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology, and General Biology. In 2016-17, CSI awarded Biomedical Sciences degree to 61 undergraduates.

7. Communications

Logos of different social media platforms CSI offers 1 distinct programs in the field of Communication  which is Communication & Media Studies. There were 82 graduates in this field from CSI in 2016-17.

8. Elementary Education

Teacher teaching to the elementary school children In the field of Education, CSI is offering  2 different programs of Education which includes Teacher Education Grade Specific, and Teacher Education Subject Specific. Till now, 65 students have been graduated in this discipline.

9. Sociology

Just like other majors, College of Staten Island is offering a bachelor degree in Sociology. It is offering one distinct program in this field which is Sociology & Anthropology. In 2016-17, 84 students got this degree from CSI.

10. Accounting

Accounting is also a major at College Staten Island as it is best valued in this major. According to the stats, 117 students got a degree in Accounting from CSI. College of Staten Island a public college in New York with a graduation rate of 30%. The college is offering a wide range of majors and if you are interested in taking admission here, take a look at the majors mentioned above. For more about the college, you can also visit its official website.


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