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10 Hardest Courses at CSI

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Destiny Summers
26 Mar 2019
8 min read

Being a college student comes with its challenges. Some students are up for the challenge, while others are not. Either way, students who challenge themselves find themselves going above and beyond what is expected of them in classes. Classwork, especially, is one of the hardest things to overcome. It's way different from high school as it requires discipline to study and get down to business. If you are a student who is ready for a challenge, check out some of the hardest courses at the College of Staten Island that we have listed below!

1. AMS 224 - Religion in America

Symbols of different religions in America

America is known as a melting pot because of the wide-array of cultural differences. This class will introduce students to the different religions within America such as Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and more! This class requires students to take in a lot of information to be prepared to study. This course is considered hard because there is a lot of information to take in and study for upcoming tests.

2. AST 230 - Planetary Geology

Different planets in the Milky Way

Do you think you know geology? Well think again! This class will discuss the geology of not only planet Earth, but other planets in this universe as well. Students will learn about the celestial bodies of planets, their moons, comets, and meteorites. Students will also learn about the affects that surround geology as well. This class will challenge students to the core. Make sure to study before class and be prepared to ask any questions you may have.

3. CHM 370 - Biochemistry I

A look at strains used in chemistry and DNA

Chemistry and biology are two different parts of science. Have you ever thought about combining them? This class will discuss the dynamics and principles of biochemistry. Students will learn about bio-energy, enzyme mechanism, molecular components of cells and more. This class is very test heavy. Students in this class often have a hard time grasping the concepts. Have no fear! Go to your teacher for help!

4. BUS 238 - Ethical Issues in Business and Society

A person presenting a business plan

This class will discuss the ethical issues that surround businesses within society of today. Students will learn about the critical roles that businesses play within society and how businesses play a role in the society that we live in. Students will also learn how to evaluate businesses and their role as a whole as well. This class gives students an overview on finances so be prepared to conduct math problems.

5. BIO 205 - General Physiology

A look at a the physiology of humans

This class will talk about the general principles that surround physiology. students will learn about systematic physiology and how it relates to living and non-living organisms on Earth. Students will learn about cell physiology, which is the basis of all living things, and the control mechanisms in which surround them. This class has a lot of terms that students need to study so be prepared to study hard and smart!

6. ENG 170 - Literature and Society

Books stacked on a pile

This class will introduce students to literature and the role that it plays on society. Students will learn about social, cultural, and political debates
A foundational introduction to literature and its role in society. Focused on reading and in-class discussion, this course will present a variety of literary genres from different historical periods. The readings will be considered in terms of their capacity to both reflect and intervene in social, cultural, and political debates.

7. MDT 160 - Clinical Science

Tools used in the clinic

This class will focus on the clinical chemistry fundamentals as they relate to bodily fluid such as urine and spit. Students will learn about the manual and automated techniques of using laboratory technologies and instruments as well. This class will not only be within the text, but will also be very hands on so it is vital pay attention. Students in this class will be challenged not only with the terms they use, put the terms to apply in the real world.

8. ESC 302 - Hydrology

The cycle of hydrology in the environment

This class will discuss hydrology as it relates to environmental science. Students will also learn more about soil water and its processes, runoff and stream processes, and the practical exercises that it takes for conducting a report about the environment through hydrology. This class is difficult because the concepts that students need to apply are challenging and are not easy to grasp when it comes to science terms.

9. ENS 104 - Introduction to Digital Technology

A look at digital technology

In this class, students will get an overview on digital technology. Students will learn about social, economic, and environmental impacts on technology from the past and present as it relates to engineering. Students will also be asked to do math so be prepared! Students will need to study logic, and digital electronic arithmetic. This class will discuss technological methods that some students may find difficult if they are new to the computer world.

10. MTH 232 - Calculus II

Different equations that are used in calculus

If you are good at math, then this is the class for you. Students will learn about different topics in calculus. Students will learn more about curves, solids, revolution, and parametric representations of curves. Students will also learn about different ways to integrate calculus into everyday tasks and the role that it plays as well. Calculus is difficult for anyone because of the many formulas it uses. Be prepared to study and practice problems!


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