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10 Easiest Classes at College of Staten Island

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Katelyn Heuer
15 Jun 2018
5 min read
It's always said that college is the best four years of your life. But while having fun and enjoying yourself is important, it's also important to focus on your school work. One way to help you balance fun with responsibilities is by taking some easier courses. Use this guide to help you pick some of the easiest classes offered at College of Staten Island.

1. EDD 252- History of Education in the United States

This class provides its students with the history and social foundations of education in America. Students will learn about education throughout the development of the country. Topics covered include the historical development of public schools, race in schools, the expansion of higher education, and the difference between getting an education for knowledge versus social purposes.Pictured: a classroom

2. SOC 120- Social Problems

This class acts as an introduction to sociology where sociological perspectives are a main focus. Students will use their new knowledge to learn about social problems caused by sociocultural groups and/or institutions and potential solutions for them. These problems and solutions will relate to issues to modern metropolitan settings like mental health issues, poverty, prejudice, and discrimination.Pictured: professional society with people of different occupations

3. SWK 105- Introduction to Disability Studies

If you're looking for a new field to study, this class is for you. Here, students are introduced to the emerging field of disability. Students will learn about the early history of disabilities, disability rights movements, eugenics, policy, and legal issues among other topics. This knowledge will be used to distinguish the difference between the social construction of disabilities and the medical model of disabilities.Pictured: hands in a circle

4. SPN 101- Spanish Conversation I

This class is perfect for people interesting in learning how to speak Spanish. It covers practical Spanish vocabulary for business, travel, and community relations. This class is also recommended for students who have no past experience with speaking Spanish.Pictured: the flag of Spain

5. PSY 103- Stress Management

This is definitely a good class choice for college students. Topics covered include the physical, social, and psychological understanding of people's response to stress. Students will learn practical stress management skill and beneficial techniques for relaxation.Pictured: Kevin McCallister from "Home Alone"

6. POL 100- American Government and Politics

Not only is this class easy, it's also good to take in order to know more about the world we live in. Students will study how the U.S political system operates, the process of its evolution, as well as the philosophical principles that are the foundation of our government.Pictured: President Obama waving

7. PHL 100- Introduction to Logic and Science

Students who take this class will learn about the different types of reasoning such as deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning. They will then be able to identify and evaluate arguments and theories within the philosophy department. Students will learn by examining and discussing textbooks and examining philosophical works.Pictured: cartoon of brains as cog machines

8. PED 190- Fitness for Life

Who doesn't want to learn about fitness?!  This course will inform students about issues as well as techniques in fitness and wellness. Students will use theory and practice physical activities in order to plan for a healthier future.Pictured: a woman running

9. LING 101- Linguistic Diversity

This class provides students with an overview of the linguistic diversity seen today and the factors that influence it. Students will think about and answer questions like: Where do languages come from? How are different languages related to one another? How do social, cultural, and biological factors impact linguistic diversity? The class's main focus is language endangerment and the similarities shared between linguistic diversity and biodiversity.Pictured: map showing what languages are spoken in different parts of the world

10. LIB 120- Beyond Google: Research for College Success

As mentioned in the title, this class is essential for college success, especially when your education has a lot of writing involved. Students will learn research skills that will help them succeed during their college years and beyond. They will also learn how to create strategies useful to them for researching topics and information while maintaining their academic integrity and ethical standards.Pictured: cartoon of a woman doing researchJust because you have to take classes in college doesn't mean you can't take some easy ones! Use this guide to help you pick easy classes at College of Staten Island that are right for you. 


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