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Most Interesting Courses at the College of William & Mary

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Francis Nyamu
29 Nov 2018
5 min read
The College of William and Mary is one of the highly ranked Ivy League Schools hence getting the chance to study there is a privilege. Besides, pursuing some of their simplest and most interesting courses will provide you with an unprecedented experience. Here are some of the 10 easiest courses  at the institution.

1. KINE 185. Ballroom Dancing I

Ballroom Dancing is the easiest unit in the school. No regular classes are included in the coursework. Instead, students only need to practice the dancing styles with their instructors and professors. Students practicing dancing styles

2. SPCH 102. Fundamentals of Oral Communication

It majorly entails evaluation of oral communication skills. Usually, students sit down with their lecturers who examine their skills as they engage in discussions. Moreover, the classes involve less writing and more talking. Basically, that is all that happens and you are done with your school work for the day. A student engaging in oral conversation with his professor

3. MUSC G10. Guitar

Everyone who chooses this course is sure of getting an A at the end of the coursework. Moreover, you also learn to play different types of guitars and sometimes other instruments as well. All that it takes is constant practice to enable you pass your class performances. Also, you  need to show commitment in the bands where students are assigned to play alongside their fellows in the class.  Students playing musical instruments

4. AMST 273 - History of Jazz

The course explores the various ancient styles of performing jazz and how the musicians evolve to their modern ways of performance. Also, students get to learn about the legendary composers, their origin, how their music impacted the audiences then and more. Overall, this is something most students have learnt to appreciate.  Jazz class

5. ANTH 150 - Freshman Seminar

The unit introduces first years to various ways of communication through seminars which they hold with the school administration and also among themselves. During the discussions, they explore various topics and write their takeaways which are then reviewed by their lecturers. Therefore, it is a platform where many students make friends whom they treasure throughout their stay in campus.  Freshmen during a seminar

6. AFST 344 - Politics in Africa

In this course, students learn the different ways in which the political systems in Africa are cultured. Generally, this includes their economies, colonization and evolution through slavery. Overall, it has the most number of students among all other history units. A student reading books on African political systems in the library

7. KINE 130. Adventure Games

Adventure games will give you fun filled days. This class focuses almost entirely on just doing outdoor games. Scholars get to face their fears of heights, water bodies and more. The fact that they are always traveling is the best part of this course and in the end they score A’s for having fun.  Students on an adventure

8. CMST 250 - Introduction to Community Studies

Scholars appreciate this course because it helps them see the need of serving other communities especially the less fortunate. Majority have become philanthropists upon completion and that’s why it is highly recommendable. A photo session after participating in community service

9. CRWR 368 - Creative Writing: Fiction

This is where most writers stem from. They get to learn imaginative skills and later write fictions as a way of telling their stories. Overall, it is such an excellent experience. A student practicing fictional creative writing

10. DANC 261 - Intermediate Ballet

Ballet is a popular art in music and people who sign up for the classes master the skills in no time. Apart from learning unique movement styles, students love it since it supplements yoga and dance classes hence saving them time. Female students during a ballet class


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