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10 Hardest Courses at the College of William & Mary

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Nazia Jabeen
5 Dec 2018
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It is clear that the College of William and Mary is a tough school. It is because its courses are tough and extremely demanding. Furthermore, with these toughest classes in college, it is likely that the student's CGPA will tumble. So, below is the list of the leading hardest courses in college that make sure that student GPA does not rise considerably.

1. PSYC 318 - Behavior Neuroscience

 Brain scan imageThis course discusses in detail the psychological foundations that lead to different motivational states. They include feeding, aggression, drug abuse, drinking, and sexual activity. The understanding behind these concepts is, and this makes the course challenging to pass.

2. PSYC 201 - Principles of Psychology 2

Two individuals talking and discussingThis course is an advanced version of its predecessor. It is because the students need to comprehend and brainstorm theories, principles, and findings that relate to the subject's social, individual and atypical conducts.

3. PHIL 201 - Introduction to Philosophy 2

Statue of contemplating PlatoTo pass the course, the students need to give a thorough reading to the historical and present-day resources. Understanding the meditations of Descartes and Plato philosophy who are representatives of their own times, is no walk in the park. Once the students thoroughly comprehend these the philosophies of these two prominent thinkers, only then they can apply them in present-day life. As a result, they can understand the scope philosophical inquiry has owned the problems of everyday life.

4. RPSS 390 - Cultural History of Cold War

Soldiers raising their hats in elationThe students need to understand the culture and the historical context that sowed seeds of the cold war between two superpowers. Although history is exciting, when it becomes a subject, it becomes demanding and requires a lot of reading stamina. The students need to specifically explore the role of media, literature, films, and politics in the cold war era. Also, they need to understand the hard and complicated Russian language.

5. RELG 221 - Religion and Ethics

Image of a Christian crossThe course lays particular stress on developing two essential skills. They include critical thinking and analysis. Although the course takes an original stance at the ethics of the western religious belief, it's not as easy as it sounds. It is because the students need to draw parallels between the Christian beliefs and the ethics present in the Bible, Roman Catholic, Jewish and humanist books.

6. PBHL 489 - Internship

Cartoonish image showing how people groom after internshipsThe reason why this course is challenging is that students need to do a lot of practical work regarding public health. Thus, the practical experience that internship requires the students to conduct readings in relevant domains. Furthermore, they need to prepare a comprehensive and extensive written report.

7. EDUC 452 - Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Seminar (Science)

An instructor conducting a seminarThis course strives to enhance the student's ability to realize the science of teaching. This course does not have any academic inclinations instead it focuses on refining of student's skill. Through this course, they will realize that teaching is an ongoing process and a product. The most challenging part of the course is that the students understand that the acquisition of knowledge is the continuing process.

8. LING 400 - Meaning and Understanding in Western Cultural Thought

A word cloud of western cultural thoughtThe reason why the course is hard is that the students need to approach this course through critical thinking. As a result, the students need to comprehend concepts such as the history of western thought analytically.  In this way, they can understand the meaning of western traditions and culture. Furthermore, the course also traces the evolution of thinking from the classical Roman and Greek era to twentieth-century European and American mindset. Such dense and extensive topics make this course one of the toughest course in college.

9. LING 407 - Advanced Phonetics and phonology

A chart of phonemesThis course expects the students to deal with the fine line of difference with Phonetics and Phonology. By learning how to set up simple phonetic research, they can get familiar with advanced phonological domains.

10. BUAD 317 - Organizational Behavior and Management

Image of a round table conferenceThis course strives to make the students fully able to manage and recognize human conduct in work settings. The course highlights different factors that govern human behavior. Students need to keep these factors on their fingertip. So motivation, leadership styles, individual preferences and difference, and group dynamics control human behavior. And the students need to analyze them critically.Thus, the College of William and Mary is renowned for offering the toughest courses. The demands and the expectations that these courses hold with the students are very high and hard. Therefore, it is unlikely that the students will be able to maintain their GPA with the progression of each semester.


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