4 Ways Colorado State University Helps You Deal With Homesickness

No matter how far you are into your college career, you might still get homesick at times. Its always hard to be away from home and learning to transition into college life. Theres just something about knowing everything and everyone–the comfort, the security, the lack of effort, that makes being home the best place in the world.

As homesickness comes and goes, CSU has been there along the way to keep it at bay. And if you are going away to college for the first time, are moving out, or still miss home even though you’ve been away for the majority of the past few years, here are some things Colorado State University does to help you deal with homesickness.

1. CSU takes care of you

CSU has a brand new health center that encompasses all things students deal with on a daily basis–stress, anxiety, fatigue, you name it. They also have free counseling services to those who are maybe having a hard time with the transition  to college or who are feeling down more often than not. Students are able to use these free services to talk through the hard days and learn how to best cope with their homesickness, among other things.


2. CSU keeps you busy

The first few weeks of college always seem like a blur, and they start to set the schedule that will become the next four months of your life. When the shiny, new lifestyle starts to wear off, you’ll probably start feeling a little more homesick than usual. CSU has tons of opportunities to keep you moving throughout the semester–student organizations, on-campus jobs, or intramural sports. This gives you the chance to meet new people, stay involved, and always have something to look forward to.


3. CSU makes it easy to plan trips

Planning out your next trip home is tons of fun and a great feeling. You have something to get excited for, to count down to, to tell all your friends about. Knowing that you only have 30 days to go or 2 weeks can really change your perspective on homesickness. Goodbyes are always hard, but they make the hello’s worth it! CSU provides great services to the airport, Union Station, or other major cities around Colorado to get you back home in a cost-effective and easy way using the Transit Center right on campus as the main hub.


4. CSU keeps you healthy

With the state-of-the-art recreation center and tons of healthy options in the dining halls or on-campus places, CSU is able to get you on track to a healthy routine. Exercise and eating right can help you feel better in a multitude of ways and CSU offers that way of life on a daily basis. When you get into the swing of things, your health will definitely affect your happiness while away at school.


5. CSU brings you a family

Talk to your friends, professors, or counselors about how you’re feeling. The more people in your hall may be feeling the exact same way and that is a comfort all in itself! Whether you’re an out-of-state student or in-state, home can always feel like it’s far away. Connecting with others are in the same boat makes college your new home away from home.

CSU wants you to love your school, love your new home, and most importantly, love yourself. Through these various ways of making it the best experience possible, CSU helps you handle homesickness and feel like it is your home away from home.


Maddi Burns

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