5 Reasons Why You Should Take Mountain Experience Program at Colorado State

Colorado State has this amazing program to keep second year students involved on campus and gives them opportunities to connect with new people. The program lasts for three days and will provide you a place to stay, three meals a day, and some awesome excursions you may not have had the chance to do otherwise in order to grow with other students and get you out of your comfort zone.

1. You get to visit CSU‘s Pingree Park Mountain Campus

It’s right in the middle of Rocky Mountain National Park! The views are amazing, the campus is beautiful, and you are completely surrounded by nature.



2. You get to unplug for a whole weekend

That’s the thing about the mountains–you get no service, but a better connection. While at Pingree Park, there is no phone service so you are completely present and able to best be involved with the activities going on around you.



3. You find out you are not alone

There is an activity that revolves around reflection of your first year of college and how that has changed going into your second year. You not only learn a lot about yourself, but that you aren’t alone in the struggles you are facing. You are surrounded by other people who are in the exact same boat and that makes a world of difference.



4. You make amazing new friends

By the end of the weekend, you really get to know the people you have spent the last 72 hours with. It’s amazing to leave the trip and know that you now have so many more cool people in your life that you didn’t have before. These new friends will help you transition into your second year better than ever!



5. You get to spend a lot of time outdoors

Whether it’s a day hike to Emmaline Lake or experiencing a high-ropes course, you are constantly outside and enjoying nature and the mountain views. There is also a campfire and games to play outside when there is some free time, so you get as much of the outdoors as possible.



The Year 2 Program Mountain Experience is life-changing and if you are looking for a way to stay involved during your second year at CSU, this is a program you do NOT want to miss out on!


Maddi Burns

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