10 Reasons to Go to Colorado State University

If you are looking at where to go to college, and looking for a place full of adventure, great food, and awesome people, then look no further. Colorado State University has it all: here are 10 reasons you need to go to CSU!

1. The unique campus

One of the best, and most loved things, at CSU is the campus. Whether it’s the beautiful foothills or our historical “A” showing proudly out over all of Fort Collins, the small lagoon resting peacefully right outside the student union, or the stretch of trees down the Oval’s center, every single place on campus is breathtaking. Our square-mile land-grant university is a ten minute walk end to end, down the strip of classes to the plaza, and has a wonderful tight-knit community feel.


2. The location

Fort Collins is the land of bikes and beer, and if that doesn’t say college town, then what else does? The best part about Fort Collins is Horsetooth Reservoir, Lory State Park, Estes Park, and the Rocky Mountain National Park are all within an hours drive (or 15 minutes). There is also Old Town (which Walt Disney designed Main Street in Disney after!), a fifteen minute walk from campus, where you can spend the day eating at cool restaurants, shopping around, and enjoying the local art and music.


3. The sustainability

CSU is known for how “green” it is – and not just the trees around campus. Just look at all these awards! “CSU has become the first and only campus to achieve platinum status – the highest possible – under the STARS rating system, an independent program that measures comprehensive sustainability efforts at more than 700 universities across the globe.” -Green Initiatives.


4. The top-ranked programs

Whether it be our veterinary school ranking 3rd in the country, being ranked top 50 in several graduate schools categories, the MBA program being the best in the state and ranked 51st nationally, or the Design and Merchandising ranking in the best 5% in the nation-  we are diversely astounding. Not to mention, being ranked as Platinum by the League of American Bicyclists (and totally skipping the Gold ranking altogether which has never been done before). Check out the rest of our top-ranked programs here!


5. The students

The diversity. The culture. The opportunity. Each and every student is here for something more than an education; they are here to give something more to the world. The people you are surrounded by every single day are going to teach you how to think outside the box, how to look at things in a different light, and how to push further and further for new experiences. (And besides that, everyone is so much nicer in Colorado!)


6. The best in research

Colorado State University has amazing research programs achievements like ranking number 7 worldwide in environmental science and engineering research. It’s known for both undergraduate and graduate research programs which are constantly doing amazing things in the science world and changing the lives of everyone in it.


7. The least debt

43% of CSU’s students don’t take on student debt. And of those who do, it’s averaged at about only $23,000. Student debt can have a lifelong hold on you, so its important to take that into consideration for where you plan on going. CSU will take of you and keep that weight off your shoulders in the future.


8. The organizations

Campus is constantly buzzing about meetings, fundraising, volunteer opportunities, and all sorts of new adventures. Snow-riders Club. ASCSU. Outdoor Club. APO. Hammock Club. Boggarts Quidditch Club. CSU Striders. Photography Club. Swing-Dance Society. SLiCE. You name it, CSU has it. There is so much to get involved in here – you’ll find something perfect for you.

As for bigger organizations – there’s also our non-stereotypical Greek life. Our Fraternity and Sorority life is one-of-a-kind! With only one in ten students in Greek life, it is a smaller scene. We only have 8 sororities and a couple more fraternities on campus, but our Greek life does amazing things for our community, our school, and their philanthropies. They are great organizations who don’t fit any of the stereotypes (except the awesome houses).


9. The atmosphere

If you have ever walked around campus, especially for something like your first ever college visit, good luck liking any other schools! You just can’t beat CSU. It feels like home, from the second you walk onto campus, until you come back and visit as an alum. Go Aggies!


10. Anything is better than CU

This one basically speaks for itself. Colorado State’s biggest rivals are , University of Colorado Buffs. Although CU tries to one-up CSU every chance they get, it seldom happens. Anything is better than being a Buff, so be sure to know that being a CSU Ram is way better!


Picking out a college for the next four years of your life is a huge, life-changing decision. It takes a lot of consideration, thought, and commitment in order to pick the best school for you. When it comes to Colorado State University, these are just the first 10 reasons why it’s amazing and you know you can’t go wrong when choosing to be a Ram.


Maddi Burns

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