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If you are currently studying at Cornell University, you should definitely read this! 10 Reasons Not to Attend Cornell University

1. Elite academics isn’t your thing

Cornell is 1/8 of the Ivy League and accepts only about 14% of its applicants, so you know that a degree from Cornell is not just any degree.

2. You could care less about the GORGES campus

It’s like walking through Hogwarts, NBD.

3. You prefer taking classes that bore you to death

Cornell has over 4,000 classes available to take. What other college allows you take Swedish Massage?

4. School spirit is a no-no for you

D1 sports teams don’t faze you, huh?

5. A vibrant social scene is not of utmost importance

Parties. Every. Weekend.

6. Dragon Day is a deal breaker for you

Campus traditions?! Gross!

7. You’re not a nature person

There are actually 4 seasons in Ithaca…and snow… and a lake… and trees!

8. For some odd and concerning reason, you don’t like food

Cornell is ranked #3 for Best Campus Food and has 29 on-campus eateries, including 10 all-you-can-eat dining halls.

9. Slope Day

Only one of the best days on campus with performers like Kanye, Drake, Chance the Rapper, The Ramones, Walk the Moon, etc.

10. An insane alumni network is too intimidating for you

You’ll have a guaranteed job straight out of college, I mean, look at the other alumni—Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Toni Morrison, Bill Maher, Mae Jemison, Tsai Ing-wen, E.B. White, Andy Bernard (Nard dog), and of course, Bill Nye t


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