Winter at Cornell is really cold and starts quite early. From the early November students may experience cold breezes, a mix of extremely windy and rainy storms and snow. All that on their way to classes but what comes later in mid-December and January is the real thing! When the temperature drops to -10 what do you do?

Well here are some ideas on what to do at Cornell University during winter season!

1. Sleigh Rides

The amount of snow in January at Cornell is ideal for sleigh rides and races. Sliding down the hills all around campus is definitely on the bucket list of Cornell students. Many students choose the area outside Appel Commons as a place to kick start their ride but for a more steep adventure choose the Slope.

2. Cornell Botanic Gardens

Located at the Nevin Welcome Center, the Cornell Botanic Gardens is host to a rich flora in a series of 12 gardens, each accommodating rare types of plants for various utilities. The collections shed light to the plant exploration in remote places around the world such as the Himalayas and the hybridization process. 

3. Ice skating and Hockey at the Lynah Rink

Open from Monday to Thursday at 12 p.m – 1 p.m, the Lynah Rink is the place that has hosted all of Cornell’s greatest hockey victories. It is unique for practicing hockey or skating. Moreover, students frequently meet famous Cornell alumni and ice hockey players and join them in the game.

4. Star-gazing Nights at Fuertes Observatory

The FuertesObservatory is a unique place to visit for star-gazing. The city of Ithaca located at the outskirts of New York has one of the most unpolluted and clear skies in the world. Faculty, students and alumni visit the Observatory on Friday nights. A nice getaway that blends both educational and recreational purposes.

5. Life’s so Sweet Chocolates: A chocolate paradise

Willy Wonka would get jealous after visiting the Life’s So Sweet Chocolates restaurant. A stroll around it will bring a reminiscent sent of childhood years since it offers old classics along with a variety of chocolates appealing to the palate of different people, vegan or not. Razzlies, Harry Potter chocolate wands, chocolate dipped dried fruits, and peanut butter and black forest truffles are only a few examples.


Maria Christina Kalogera

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