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10 Hardest Classes at CUNY Brooklyn College

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Brooklyn Collegeis a part of the City University of New York (CUNY) System. It was the first public coeducational liberal arts college in New York City. With an average cost of only $6,000 after aid, CUNY Brooklyn is one of the most affordable universities in the nation. A lot of students go to this university so it is no surprise the academics can be rigorous. Here are 10 of the hardest classes at Brooklyn College.

1) EESC1010 - The Dynamic Earth

Find out what makes up the Earth.

This class explores examples of interaction between Earth's spheres, including plate tectonics, resources and hazards. The problem is the way the class is structured. The professor reads off the lecture slides in a monotone voice and expects students to memorize 200 slides worth of content for the midterm. The textbook will be your best friend in this class seeing as the professor is unable to teach effectively.

2) BIOL1010 - Biology: The study of life

Why is life precious?

For an online class, this introduction to biology course is a nightmare. You only have to go to the first day of class, the midterm and the final, but other than that you are on your own. There is no way to contact the professor if you need help and there is also no curve on the exams. To give a sense of how rough this class is, the average on the midterm is a 46%. The textbook is 5 chapters long but the final covers everything in it.

3) ENGL1012 - Seminar in Expository Writing

Learn what is is and retain it.

Prepare to do lots of work for nothing in this class. The professor loves to assign readings he will never discuss and which you will never hear from again. Lecture consists of him berating students on how bad their writing is. Want to get help? He doesn't have office hours nor does he provide an email. Go to class and agree with whatever he says otherwise the class will be a rough one.

4) ECON2200 - Elementary Microeconomics

Look at the little picture.

This class is difficult but on the bright side, there is a gigantic curve. You must read the textbook to have any idea as to what the professor is talking about. He is willing to answer questions but speaks softly so make sure you sit in the front. One bad thing about the course is the lack of time management. The professor will read from two chapters in the book for weeks on end but then expect you to read 4 chapters in a week for topics on the final. Averages will undoubtedly be low but you have the curve to thank.

5) ENGL1001 - English Composition A

Learn how to write stuff.

What happens when a high school teacher one day decides he wants to become a college professor? This class. If there ever was a class to silence your creativity, this class would be it. The professor does not allow different opinions and will give you a low grade if you disagree with him. That's OK because the goal of the class isn't about opinions but rather about writing. A lot of people expect his class to be easy but are in for a shock when they get grades back. Just keep your head down and do what he tells you to do and you will be fine.

6) MATH2201 - Multivariable Calculus

This is enough to make a brain hurt.

Don't take this class if you do poorly when it comes to tests. There are 4 tests in the class but only the final really counts. The professor spends precious time rambling about irrelevant topics in an effort to be fun but even the students want less of it. You basically have to teach yourself because his lectures are heavy on proofs but nonexistent on concepts. The tests are heavy on concepts and nonexistent on proofs.

7) CORC1332 - Geology: The Science of Our World

What is underneath the Earth?

This course is about the study of five fundamental themes that underlie geology and their implications for important issues in modern life: Earth as a dynamic planet, Earth materials, geologic time, geology and the human environment, and the scientific method as applied to geology.  Remember all of that? Well you aren't going to learn any of it. Instead, you will be quizzed on movies you watch in class. You can show up 10 minutes before class ends and be counted as present but that won't get you out of the extremely difficult rote memorization exams she gives.

8) ACCT3011 - Intermediate Financial Accounting I

Keep tabs on who owes you what.

This class would be the class to care about grades...assuming you get one. For an online class, it would seem really easy to get a good grade on most assignments. However, the professor doesn't teach the correct material and wastes time posting examples from several weeks ago. There may or may not be a final exam in the class but you probably also won't get your grade back in a timely manner. The record is currently one semester to post grades.

9) HNSC2140 - Introduction to the U.S Healthcare System & Policy

How do we fix this broken healthcare system?

The class may be different for some people which is why it can be considered difficult. There is no real lecture going on as all the information needed is either from the textbook or from online articles. The actual class consists of the professor asking you questions and you have to cite the exact paragraph from the readings. It doesn't matter what outside knowledge you bring since everything is based on the textbook or online articles so it can be a hard class if you have only outside knowledge to rely on.

10) CISC3140 - Design and Implementation of Large-Scale Web Applications

Learn about client web servers.

Have you ever been to a class and come out thinking, "Man this professor hates teaching?" Well this is one of those classes. The class is completely discussion based as the professor spends lecture talking about the 70s and 80s. Tests are very difficult as the answers seem to change randomly every time you ask. The group project is irrelevant as long as you turn something in at the end of the semester. Get on his good side and you won't have a problem but it will be hard to do so. And prepare to teach yourself.

Those were the 10 hardest classes at Brooklyn College. Some of these are hard because of the content such as for Multivariate Calculus and others because you have to teach yourself. Some are due to the professor's unique teaching style which will obviously take getting used to. You could just hope to get a better professor but sometimes you just have to deal with it. College is all about life experiences though so when professors give you lemons, make lemonade.


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