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10 of the Easiest Classes at Brooklyn College

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Marisa Petrusky
Whether you are a freshman picking out your first classes or a senior looking to bang out your final credits, here’s 10 classes at Brooklyn College that are both easy and interesting.

1. PHIL 3314 - Moral Issues in Business

When it comes to easy As, philosophy is always a popular choice. PHIL 3314 takes it one step further by applying basic moral reasoning to societal and corporate systems, while still keeping positive reviews as a course. However, there are some prerequisites; you must have taken a course in either philosophy, accounting, business, economics, or the Core Curriculum 1210 or Core Studies 10 classes.Placing puzzle pieces together

2. MUSC 1300 - Music: Its Language, History, and Culture

If you enjoy learning about different cultures, MUSC 1300 may be for you. The course overviews the ways music has evolved in different cultures in terms of its purpose, syntax, and dialect. It also satisfies the Pathways Flexible Core Creative Expression requirement.A woman holding a samisen: a traditional Japanese instrument.

3. HIST 3005 - The Shaping of the Modern World

HIST 3005 covers everything from the age of Christopher Columbus to our globalized world today. The course explores the effects of trade, slavery, enlightenment, industrialization, totalitarianism, and more. It also will fulfill your Pathways Flexible Core World Cultures and Global Issues requirement. A compass over an old map

4. PHYS 1070 - Cosmology

You might not expect to see a physics course on a list of easy A classes. But PHYS 1070 covers some of the most exciting topics in the realm of physics, such as the evolution of the universe, the life cycle of stars, black holes, and the prospect of extraterrestrial life. It satisfies the Pathways College Option requirement. Unfortunately, you must be in junior standing or higher to take this class. An artist's interpretation of a black hole

5. MATH 1311 - Thinking Mathematically

Looking to get your math requirement out of the way? MATH 1311 covers practical topics such as probability and geometry that can be applied in a variety of settings, as well as the fundamentals of number theory and some additional topics that differ by year. As long as you have not taken any math course numbered higher than 1201, this is a great choice for those looking to catch up on the basics while adding an A to their transcript. A student in front of a blackboard 

6. CISC 1003 - Exploring Robotics

CISC 1003 is a very well rounded class. It combines group projects with a focus on experimental design with critical studies of societal benefits and ramifications of automated robots. Students will not only write programs for and perform experiments with robots, but will also improve their teamwork and presentation skills (both orally and in writing). Whether you’re a seasoned STEM student or a curious humanities major, this course has something for everyone.A student working on a robot

7. KINS 1125 - Ballroom Dance

College dance classes are a great way to sneak in some exercise into your schedule along with an easy A. KINS 1125 includes lessons on classic ballroom dances such as the waltz, foxtrot, and merengue, though the full range of styles will vary based on teacher. Various dance styles

8. ANTH 1100 - Culture and Society

Anthropology is another popular choice for easy A classes. This course examines the foundations of anthropology concepts such as religion, gender, kinship, and political and economic systems throughout many societies. Note that the course is not available for students that have taken ANTH 2100. People walking through a street

9. ENGL 2121 - Overview of Literary Study II: Representative Selections of World Literature

For those who have taken ENGL 1010 (which all students do in their first semester), ENGL is great sequel. The course covers literature styles and movements from the nineteenth century to today. Close attention is paid to the cultural and historical context of these works of literature.William Shakespeare

10. PSYC 2100 - Social Psychology

With great professor choices and a fascinating curriculum, PSYC 2100 is a quick choice for many looking for a GPA booster or something to spice up their schedule. The class encompasses research findings in socialization, group structure, interpersonal processes, and other factors involving human interactions with one another.Children playing a board gameRemember, even "easy A" classes require some effort to do well. With that said, the above classes are a great way to add some variety to your schedule while improving your GPA. Best of luck in the fall semester!


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