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Math Classes at City College of New York

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Katelyn Heuer
10 Jul 2020
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The City College of New York is a public college located in New York City. CCNY was the first free public institution of higher education in the United States. Since then, CCNY has been home to celebrities such as Colin Powell, Woody Allen, Henry Kissinger, Gabourey Sidibe, Judd Hirsch, and more; it's also been a place for students to learn anything and everything, including math. Keep reading this post to learn about some of the math classes that CCNY has to offer!

1. MATH A4600 - Linear Algebra

A picture of someone stretching a graph

Many STEM students have to take linear algebra because of how applicable the material is to their prospective fields. Professor Gautam Chinta will teach students about the fundamentals of linear algebra. Some of the specific topics covered include linear systems, matrix decompositions, inner product spaces, self-adjoint transformations, spectral theory, and discrete Fourier transforms.

2. MATH A4900 - Introduction to Modern Algebra

A labeled triangle

What exactly is modern algebra? Take this class to find out! In this course, taught by Professor Zajj Daugherty, students will learn about groups, rings, and fields. It may not sound like a lot of topics but each one is covered in depth so you truly understand them and their applications.

3. MATH A3200 - Complex Variables I

A map showing how other topics of math relate to complex variables

In Complex Variables I, students will be exposed to all of the basics of complex variables. This includes Cauchy-Riemann equations; conformal mapping; elementary, entire, meromorphic, multiple-valued functions; Cauchy integral theorems, and series expansion. In the past, this course has been taught by Professor Joseph Bak.

4. MATH 17300 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics

A probability question involving 2 die

If you need to take an upper level probability or statistics class later in your academic career but if you aren't too familiar with the material, consider taking MATH 17300. In this course, students will learn about permutations, combinations, conditional probability, Bayes' Theorem, independent events, random variables, distributions, the Central Limit Theorem, and more. In past years, this course has been taught by Professors Alexander Skas, Tsz Lo, John Adams, Mengxiao Sun, Dana Sylvan, and Wenbo Li.

5. MATH 18000 - Quantitative Reasoning

A Venn diagram for quantitative reasoning

Quantitative reasoning is a good skill to have, no matter what your major is. After taking this course, students will have a better understanding of how to efficiently problem solve for topics like operations, ratios, percents, formulas, units, and more. In the past, this course has been taught by Professors, Yazhu Liu, Mi Lime, Patrick Okpo, Israel Hernandez, Anthony Delgado, Rochelle Ring, and Jason Kapsack.

6. MATH 18500 - Basic Ideas in Mathematics

Basic math symbols

While this is a math class, it's only available for potential education majors. In this course, taught by Professors Servet Iltuzer, Patrick Okpo, Jania Begum, Dario Cardenas, Rochelle Ring, and Yixiong Chen, the focus is on different writing exercises and collaborative works on basic math topics. Specifically, these topics include problem solving, sets, operations, functions, different bases, probability, and geometry.

7. MATH 19000 - College Algebra and Trigonometry

a professor at CUNY teaching algebra concepts to students

Take your knowledge of basic algebra and trigonometry to the next level by taking MATH 19000. In this course, students will be introduced (or reintroduced) to functions, rational expressions, rational exponents, conic sections, Gaussian eliminations, determinants, nonlinear systems of equations, and trigonometric functions. In past years, this course has been taught by Professors David John, Jania Begum, Modou Diene, Ghasan Yousef, Shirmin Aziz, and others!

8. MATH 20100 - Calculus I

The word calculus and some of the topics covered on a globe

Calculus I is the first course of CCNY's three-course calculus series. In this course, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of calculus-- limits, continuity, derivatives, differentiation, differentials, and integrals. In previous years, this course has been taught by Professors David Coulombe, Michael Marinelli, Samuel Magill, Chunsae Park, Alexander Stas, Dario Cardenas, Qi Yao, and more.

9. MATH 20200 - Calculus II

A chalk board with calculus equations on it

This course, taught by Professors Susan Donovan, Cheikhna Diagana, Kameron Mccombs, James Myer, Alexander Skas, and others, is the second course in the three-part calculus series. Students will use their calculus knowledge from MATH 20100 to continue to hone their calculus skills. Some of the topics covered include area between curves, volumes of solids of revolution, integration of functions, improper integrals, infinite integrals, conic sections, polar coordinates, parametric representation of curves, vectors in the plane, and more!

10. MATH 20300 - Calculus III

CUNY graduate students of Mathematics

MATH 20300 is the last course in CCNY's calculus series. In this course, students will learn about infinite series, Taylor's theorem, solid analytic geometry, partial derivatives, multiple integrals, and their applications. In previous years, this course has been taught by Professors Jay Jorgenson, James Myers, Mark Turner, Mohammad Islam, Dario Cardenas, and more.

With all the math courses offered at CCNY, you're sure to find something you like. Math can be hard but CCNY will take the time to ensure that you understand every topic and know how to apply your knowledge to the real world. Keep this post in mind as you look for math classes to take at CCNY!


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