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10 of the Easiest Courses at City Tech

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Alison Garcia
26 Jun 2018
6 min read
College is a super stressful time. Wether your struggling with your gpa, or just need one easy class for your semester, here are some  easy courses that are easy to get by and pass with a good grade with very little effort at CUNY-New York City College of Technology.  

1. PSY 1101- Introduction to Psychology

Psychology is an amazing class to not only take courses in as well as major in. It reaches many different areas career wise. This 3 credit course discusses theories of psychology, socialization, brain and behavior, perception, learning, thinking, intelligence and some much more. Image: Showing a brain and all the topics psychology teaches.

2. SOC 1101- Elements of Sociology

Sociology is very similar to Psychology however, it studies groups versus the individual. It focuses on trends and demographics. If that's something that interests you, excellent. This would be a great course to take at City Tech. This course emphasis is on concepts, hypotheses and theories which explain social behavior and social changes. Image: showing sociology surrounded by different people.

3. SOC 1103- The Family

This is another course in Sociology. It studies the family and how it is  viewed as an institution and social group. Its emphasis on family as a social system in changing society.

Image: showing different people in front of world map.

4. ANTH 1102- Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

This course is super interesting. If you found yourself super interested in the Crucible or the Salem witch trials, I definitely recommend this course. It focuses on myth and ritual as component parts of religious systems. Also deals with religion and magic, healing and religious practitioners.

Image: showing magic book.

5. PHIL 2203- Health Care Ethics

This 3 credit course is explores ethical theories in terms of what's morally right and wrong. Especially in relationship to medicine, medical practice and biomedical research. Good course if you are considering entering  the medical field.

Image: showing hands holding a heart with cross inside.

6. ASL 1101- American Sign Language 1

American Sign Language I is a beginning course where you are taught to develop skills in a form of manual communication used primarily by American-born deaf persons in interpersonal (face-to-face) relations. Emphasis will be placed on the use of the body for visually-based communications, and the structure, vocabulary and development of American Sign Language. There is also aspects of the deaf culture thought as well. So if you are interested in language and deaf culture in general this a great course to take.

Image: ASL letters in sign language.

7. COM 1330- Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill that many people want to develop and master. Not only is this an academic skill but it's also a great life skills. This course teaches the fundamental principles of speaking in public situations and the preparation and delivery of informative and persuasive presentations. Subjects include ethics in public speaking, audience analysis, selecting and researching speech topics, constructing well-reasoned arguments, extemporaneous delivery, and peer evaluation. Students are expected to develop outlines and speaking notes, use visual aids, and improve on verbal and nonverbal delivery skills. Image: showing a person giving a speech behind is a large crowd.

8. ENG 1101 - English Composition 1

This is usually a general education course. A course in effective essay writing and basic research techniques including use of the library. Reading assignments are weekly, but super healthful for writing skills. Image: showing many english words.

9. ANTH 1103- Gender, Culture and Society

Whether you are female or male, this course is super important to just get a diverse view of woman, in so many perspectives. Including, understanding female development from a historical, economic, sociological, psychological and anthropological perspective. Focus is on readings and research concerning women with an analytical emphasis on biological versus cultural orientations in the literature.  Image: Woman can do it poster. 

10. HEA 1102- Community Health

This course is designed to familiarize students with several areas related to community health. Concerns with various diseases that impact humans from a community, state, national and world level will be addressed. Issues related to global concerns such as acid rain, global warming, and depletion of the ozone layer, starvation and water pollution will be addressed. Students will get hands on experience to really understand community health.If you enjoy hands on activities and are considering the medical or public health field this is an excellent course to take in your undergrad career.  Image: Health practitioner holding paper people. These courses are all a great boost your GPA, whether pre reqs or not, some are actually really interesting and can lead to career or major change. They can take stress and lead you to a new path, best of both worlds! College is a place of growth and discovery, however, that becomes more difficult if you are extremely overwhelmed due to your grades. Remember that you have so many classes and majors at your disposal, so take a look around and see, maybe even take some of these courses. Your GPA and your older self will thank you one day. And with that note good luck!


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