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There are numerous great residences at Dalhousie, but Risley is by far the best. With its single rooms, great lounges, and central location, there’s no reason anyone would want to live anywhere else!

1. The rooms are singles

Some people enjoy living with a roommate and therefore look forward to university as a way to engage in the experience. However, some people are the complete opposite – they like to have their space and their privacy! A great thing about Risley Hall is that all the rooms are singles so if you know you’re not a roommate type of person, no need to worry!

2. The dining hall is in the building

Having your breakfast, lunch, and dinner right in the lobby of your residence is even better than you could imagine – especially during the winter (which, as many people know, is not forgiving in terms of the frigid temperatures that are reached!). Being able to throw on a pair of flip-flops and head downstairs as opposed to having to spend ten minutes putting on a mountain of clothes for every meal is a wonderful thing!

3. There are sinks in the rooms

This is a feature that no other residence has, and certainly is a lovely one! Because the washrooms in Risley are communal, it’s very convenient to be able to brush your teeth and wash your face in your own room. Furthermore, any dirty dishes you may have can be cleaned right in your room as well! (If you’re the type to wash dishes…)

4. It’s in an amazing location

In comparison to other universities, Dalhousie would probably be considered medium-size; as such, depending on which residence you live in, it can take up to 15-20 minutes to walk to class. Risley, however, is right behind the SUB, across the street from the library and one of the main lecture buildings, and basically five minutes (maybe ten) from any other building that you might have a class in! You’ll be extremely grateful for Risley’s geographical placement when you have a class at 8:30am and can get away with setting your alarm for 8 (or even 8:10 if you’re feeling daring!)

5. Your DalCard is your room key and your laundry card

In Risley, your DalCard is practically magic. Unlike other residences, your DalCard serves as your room key and therefore makes losing your room key incredibly less likely as Dal students basically have their DalCard on them 24/7. Furthermore, the well-known annoyance of the requirement of change to wash your clothes when using a communal laundry room is not an issue in Risley as your DalCard also runs the washing machines! No more saving up rolls and rolls of quarters to make sure you have enough change for the semester.

These are just a few of the myriad of reasons why Risley is the residence of choice at Dalhousie – there are just too many to include in this blog! But if you want even more proof, just ask the large group of upper year students who, instead of finding a place off-campus, decide to stay in Risley year after year – they’ll talk your ear off!


Lia Reed

Lia hopes to get her PhD in Clinical Psychology, so she'll be in school for a long time! Aside from that, she loves playing with her cat and tutoring (so she gets at least some human interaction!).

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