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Restaurants and Cafes for Students at DePaul University

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Amanda Burnes
10 Jan 2019
4 min read

DePaul University is a private, Roman Catholic university in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded all the way back in 1898, and currently enrolls over 23,000 students. This school and its location offers tons of opportunities to explore local food!

1. The Bean

the bean at depaul

The Bean is a locally owned coffee and juice bar near the DePaul campus. Tons of students flock here to indulge in the fresh coffee and juices that the Bean offers at affordable prices. Students and locals love this place!

2. Ray Meyer Juice Bar

juices at a juice bar

In DePaul's Ray Meyer Recreation Center they have the Ray Meyer Juice Bar. This small juice bar is well known for its fresh smoothies and juice blends that students love before and after their workouts. They offer great affordable prices too!

3. Demon Deli

depaul demon deli

Demon Deli is a small sandwich shop in the Loop Student Center that has tons of different sandwiches and wraps. Students love to come here for a quick bite to eat at great prices!

4. Loop Bakery

depaul loop bakery

Another food stop in the Loop Student Center is Loop Bakery. This bakery offers tons of fresh, baked goods and sweets. They also sell prepackaged drinks for students on the go! There are tons of options at affordable prices here.

5. McGowan Cafe

depaul mcgowan cafe

McGowan Cafe is located inside the McGowan Science Building. Science students and others love to come here to study and grab fresh coffees, smoothies and teas, as well as sandwiches and wraps. There are great prices here that students love!

6. Revolution Noodle

bowl of garlic noodles

In the Lincoln Park Student Center at DePaul, there is a restaurant called Revolution Noodle. Students can come here for lunch and dinner to grab fresh, hot noodles of all different kinds. They offer great college prices, too!

7. Au Bon Pain

inside au bon pain

Another restaurant in the Loop Student Center is a well known chain restaurant called Au Bon Pain. This restaurant serves fresh salads, paninis, sandwiches and wraps as well as breakfast food for students. They have great prices and great food!


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