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It’s that time of year- high school seniors are just starting to get their college admission letters back. It’s overwhelming.  College itself is a huge adjustment to adult life for a lot of people. We came up with five tips to make the most of your first year at DePaul.

1. Spread Your Classes Out 

Save your 100 level classes and spread them out. It’ll save your GPA to balance your coursework with both advanced and introductory courses throughout your years at DePaul. You will end up taking 300 level classes in your time at DePaul, maybe even required to do so, but make sure to spread those out. They’re higher level-classes for the reason, so make sure to balance your workload.

2. Follow Your Interests!

Take classes that sound interesting to you. DePaul builds their programs so that you have room for minors anyway- so figure out what sparks your interest and run with it! You’ll still be able to graduate on time. After all, the point of college is learning to think for yourself- so why not forget about a major and just take classes that you are genuinely interested in?

3. Get Yourself Out There! 

Join the clubs that spark your interest. When you first start out, clubs are a great way to network and make friends. Clubs that have to do with your major will especially benefit you, because they will give you an opportunity to network among other students and maybe find internships and job opportunities. Often times, clubs will be the first point of contact for many potential employers.

4. Take It Slow. 

Don’t rush to finish your Gen-Eds, but start off with maybe a class or two in your major so that you can be sure that you like it. Explore your options to see what you like, so that way switching a major won’t totally kill you. After all, you have four whole years (12 quarters, 48 classes, 192 credits) to finish your degree. You’ll be okay.

5. Stop Worrying! 

Take a Deep Breath. You might fail a class or two, but that is not the end of the world. Don’t overload yourself, and only go with things that you can handle and things that truly make you happy. You will finish college, you will graduate, you will get your degree and you WILL be okay. It’s not going to be easy, but you owe it to yourself.


We know college is hard, but you will be okay. You had a dream of coming here, and you owe it to yourself to finish it. You will do it, you can do it, and you will be so proud when you finish. We hope these five tips will help soothe your nerves about starting to prep for college!


Anna Quesse

I'm a Junior at DePaul University in Chicago- no, not Depauw- studying Journalism. Going to school in a big city is different, and I hope I can help my peers.

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