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Most of the hardest classes at DePaul are either science or math classes, which are very typical at any school. But what surprises many is the difficulty of most gen-ed classes, many underestimate them. Here are some of the top 10 hardest classes at DePaul.

1. Creative Comp WRD 103/104


An entry-level required Gen-ed class for most DePaul students, this class is the most challenging in its sheer simplicity. This class takes students back to high school English class, and the challenging part is remember what you did back then so you can apply it to the class in the present. The concepts learned in this class are not complicated to learn, but hard to master.

2. Biochemistry

Already a pretty difficult topic, this class includes memorizing practical applications of new concepts learned. Students will learn how amino acid residues interact with an iron ion in the active site of a heme group, which is critical for oxygen binding in hemoglobin so the oxygen and carbon dioxide get transported around the body as needed.

Understand any of that? Me neither.

3. Organic Chemistry


Often the most commonly failed class, Organic Chemistry is very fast-paced. With very few tests and harsh grading, this class is considered one of the hardest at DePaul. Chemistry is already a very difficult topic, and DePaul’s fast paced (10 week) class structure doesn’t make it any easier.

4. Quantitative Reasoning LSP 120/121

As an introductory math class for non-math, science, or business majors, this class is quite a challenging gen-ed. Many have the option of testing out and some already have either tested out or received the credit in one way or another, which makes it borderline humiliating to take it. The class shows students how to create graphs and interpret statistics, and teaches students valuable skills that they can actually apply later on in life.

5. Classical Political Thought

With the unreasonable amount of readings that this curriculum already contains, it is important to at least check your professor’s rating before enrolling. The only way this class will be enjoyable is with a good, fair professor who gives good lectures.

6. Finance


As a required class for all students in the business school, Finance has proven to be quite difficult for non-majors. Many have described it as math in a different language. The concepts themselves are quite hard to wrap your head around. Many say that it’s a class where you either get it, or you don’t; and the frustrating part is that you’re the only one that doesn’t get it.

7. WGS 388 Queer Theory: An Introduction

Many consider Women’s and Gender Studies one of the easier topics, but this class makes it a lot more complicated. This class examines the core texts of queer theory and theology in order to contextualize and historicize the idea of homosexuality as a concept.

8. AHT 332 Radiation Physics and Instrumentation


This course goes overs theory and associated principles with atomic structure, nuclear and quantum physics related to radioactive decay. Students will learn properties of the elements and the production of characteristic x and gamma rays, anger electrons and Bremsstrahlung.

If you understood any of that, we applaud you.

9. PRF 290 Performance Workshop for Non-Majors


Considering Performance is part of the Gen-Ed requirements for many majors, it is very possible for many to encounter this class. Students work on basic performance skills through individual and group exercises in acting, voice, speech, and movement.

10. SEC 323 Inquiry and Application in Developing Secondary Mathematics Pedagogy

A math class for Education majors, this class shows students methods of teaching math. Students will explore how mathematics has been and is taught by examining major paradigm shifts in mathematics education and the impact those paradigms and shifts have on pedagogical content knowledge, or knowledge of how to teach disciplinary content.


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