Going to DePaul is not like going to a regular school. Not only do we call our Academic periods Quarters even though we only have 3 mandatory ones, but going to our school is a lot different than your typical college. Here’s 10 things that you’ll only recognize if you go to DePaul:

1. DAB

Otherwise known as The DePaul Activities Board, DAB- as much as you might not want to take them seriously- they organize all the fun stuff on campus. So you actually want to pay attention to the stuff that they post, like glow in the dark mini golf or the Demon Dance.

2. Smoker Steps

When you walk into the SAC  just past the library, there is a small row of steps and columns right before the door. Many students will sit there and have a cigarette before heading to class, or will smoke (or vape)  after class to drown out their troubles.

3. The SAC

Very aptly named, the SAC is actually an abbreviation for the Schmitt Academic Center. The SC is connected to the library through a small hallway, which makes for a great shortcut to class when it’s cold.

4. The Stu

No, not a stew.  The Student Center is where most main events happen on campus and where students can use their meal plans upstairs and at brownstones (best coffee on campus).

5. The New Monument

We need a new wifi system, but for some reason we also need a new monument built right by Arts & Letters. It’s mostly just for phone conversations and smoking cigarettes.

6. Quad Solar Panels

The funny looking tables in the quad actually have a purpose; they’re tables that you can charge your devices at in the warmer months. They make for great study tables.

7. St. Vincent Statue outside the library

This creepy looking statue outside the library shows St. Vincent talking to some children on a bench that surrounds what is known as the Vincentian Circle. There are many pictures of students at DePaul posing with it, and those pictures are only funny if you go to DePaul and know which one it is.

8. Overpriced Stu food

DePaul has a habit of overpricing things that students could buy elsewhere for way cheaper. Given, they do have a lot to pay for- so it makes sense. But for the quality of stu food is not as much as we are paying for it.

9. Scramble being closed

Because they’re really only open for the time of day that no college students are actually awake.

10. The Ray- only for the food

Many students know the school’s gym, not only for the New Year’s resolutions but because the Bean at the Ray has some of the healthiest food with the freshest ingredients.


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