Being a DePaul student could be stressful sometimes. Here are 10 things we suffer through as DePaul students!

1. CTA Delays

Getting to class can be as simple as 15 minutes on the brown line looking out at the beautiful Chicago scenery, or 30 minutes on a crowded redline sweating to get off into a subway station that smells a lot like urine.

2. Homeless People

I get seeing them in the loop and on various occasions in the city, but right on DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus? Really? We’re more broke than you are! I know college students that use their extra change to actually pay for their food or coffee.

3. Chicago Weather

“Should I wear a coat today?” Is a question we ask ourselves no matter if it’s the Middle of December or the end of July. Rain means wearing waterproof shoes to walk in the gross city streets so your shoes don’t get soaked.

4. The Smoker Steps

Every student that enters DePaul will probably have a class in SAC, which means that you will have to walk by the Smoker Steps. Depending on what time of day it is and how busy classes are, it can range from a small stream of smoke to a big cloud that will make you want to hold your breath.

5. The Quarter System

It’s fine the beginning of the year when we start later than everyone else, and when we get a month long winter break. But when we start back up right after New Years, and then we don’t finish our academic year until Mid-June; meanwhile our state-school friends get out in May.

6. Stu Food

Although it’s not exactly Olive Garden, we can give Chartwells credit for proving themselves better than most schools. But that being said, Chartwells isn’t exactly a 5 star Michelin Restaurant.

7. ETC Prices

Even though it’s right on campus, ETC is really only good to shop at if you’re trying to use your meal plan or you need a quick study snack. Otherwise, if you want to do some grocery shopping, you’re better off walking to CVS.

8. Creepy Statues

We have to walk past the creepy statue of father Egan every time we enter and exit the stu, as well as the statue of St. Vinny reading to kids in the library. Don’t look at it too long, or it’ll start to feel like they’re staring at you.

9. Friday classes

Everyone has to suffer through Friday classes at least once in their academic career. You forgot to register for the classes you want so you take whatever is open, and then before you know it you’re in Arts & Letters at 8:30 on a Friday morning.

10. The elevators

No matter which building you’re in, the elevators on campus are always a hassle. They’re either really crowd, or take forever to get to your floor. Forget about taking the stairs, you’re trying to get to floor 11 from the first floor- you’re not going to get to class on time.


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