Midterms are here, and the last set of finals of the year are right around the corner. Still finding yourself in that Spring slump? Here are some great places to sit and get your studying done and DePaul.

Lincoln Park Campus

1. The Library

A classic place to study, the library is a great environment for productivity. Depending on how much noise you like when you study, if you like silence you can go up to the fourth floor. The 1st floor allows talking, the second is minimal talking, and third is a little talking, and the fourth is complete silence.

2. The Stu

A perfect place to congregate, the stu is a great place to get some coffee and get some work done. Whether you want to sit in the brownstones annex or nestle yourself at a table upstairs, it’s the perfect place to study.

3. The SAC

The first floor of the SAC has plenty of tables for studying. There’s a coffee shop right next to the area of tables, which makes for a great environment to study and collaborate.

4. Arts and Letters

Since the building itself is so quaint, Arts and Letter makes for a nice peaceful environment to study in. The building is generally so quiet and mostly everyone there is there to study and get work done.

5. O’Connell

Nestled right above the SAC, O’Connell is mostly filled with classes. There are some tables right in the middle of the halls that look out onto Kenmore, which make for a great way to relax while writing your essay.

Loop Campus

6. DePaul Center Basement

The Basement is scattered with outlets for charging your devices, and it’s out of the way enough to provide for a nice quiet place to get your work done.

7. Sbarro

In the far corner of the DePaul Center, Sbarro is cheap pizza- a college kid’s best friend. Grab a slice, grab your books, and settle in.

8. Loop Campus Student Center

On the 11th floor of the DePaul Center lies the Student Center. Much like Lincoln Park, it has food and tables and plenty of places to sit and be productive. Just grab your choise of food and settle in.

9. Levan

You’ve probably already had classes in Levan, which houses DePaul’s Law School. The School is connected to the DePaul Center through a small bridge. It’s very quiet and the classes are all deserted, so no one goes in there.

10. Daley Building First Floor

You don’t have to be a Communication student to go in that lounge, you just have to have a class in there. You use your ID to swipe in, but it’s got plenty of computers, tables, chairs, and even a printer.


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