Douglas College

Douglas College is a phenomenal school to attend. But for many college students, a school is only as good as its living areas. Fortunately, Douglas College has some of the best ones, as evidenced below:

1. Tantus Towers

Tantus Towers

Address: 810 St. Andrews Street

Tantus Towers is the place to be if you want to live close to the campus. It’s also great if you want some privacy so you can focus on your academic studies in peace. At a reasonable price for what it provides you, Tantus Towers is the best option for Douglas students, unquestionably.

2. Westport Apartments

Westport Apartments

Address: 1021 Fourth Avenue

Westport has an advantage in the sense that it is significantly less expensive. However, it is a bit further from campus and it is more outdated. Still, with the reasonable rate, it’s hard to find better choices than Westport!

3. Novare Suites

Novare Suites

Address: 527 Carnarvon Street

Towering above Canada are the Norvare Suites. Many students from Douglas live here so you won’t have a hard time finding a community to be a part of or finding friends to ease your collegiate transition. The rooms are a bit smaller, but hey, this also makes them cheaper!

4. Vista Way

Vista Way

Address: 820 Sixth Avenue

Filled with studio apartments, Vista Way is the closest thing Douglas students will find to dorm living. The rooms are a bit bigger than the average studio apartment, too, giving kids plenty of room to spread out. Vista is also close to other Douglas-based apartment buildings so an excellent sense of community can grow out of living here.

5. Princeton Place

Princeton Place

Address: 1021 Howay Street

Princeton is an excellent place to live, especially when considering its proximity to other student populated buildings. The major downside is that there’s barely any room for roommates, leading to a higher cost. But for those who want privacy, it’d definitely be worth it!

6. Cameron Manor

Cameron Manor

Address: 1210 Cameron Street

For students living off campus who don’t want the apartment style housing, look no further than Cameron Manor! Cameron provides students with actually home style living, which can be a major perk of living off campus. It’s the cheapest house option, too!

7. Parkwood Gardens

Parkwood Gardens

Address: 8350 Eleventh Avenue

Parkwood Gardens is far and away the most expensive option on the list. But you can get past this with a roommate or two and you’d be just fine. Looking past this with a roommate, you will definitely be able to enjoy Parkwood and all of its sleek, modern, advanced perks that make it easy for college students to move right in.

8. Hillside Place

Hillside Place

Address: 12751 103 Avenue

Hillside Place is a bit further from campus. But there are still a lot of perks at this apartment building to be happy with. For example, it’s one of the cheapest options, which is understandable considering the location is less than desirable.

9. Chateau Delon

Chateau Delon

Address: 7425 Eighteenth Avenue

Chateau Delon is a great place to live for introverted students who like a less showy residence. The high cost does not necessarily correlate with the less than prime real estate, though. And with a lack of handicap accessibility, it’s safe to say that there are better options than Delon.

10. Imperial Parkside

Imperial Parkside

Address: 9555 128 Street

Imperial also lacks handicap accessibility and it loses a few points for lacking in aestheticism, too. However, it still has a lot of perks. For example, it’s not necessarily too close to campus, but it’s close to a lot of local facilities that are desirable places to live near!


Douglas College might just have the best places to live near in its entire region. If where you live is your top reason for picking a certain school, then you’ve found a great one. Douglas College is the school for you.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Douglas

1. Room Basics


– Bedside table
– Sheets for warm and cold weather
– Workout clothes
– Slippers and pajama pants
– Pillows

2. Food and Snacks

Measuring cups.

– Your favorite snack foods
– Meals that remind you of home
– Ziploc bags
– Cooking utensils
– Measuring cups

3. Tech and Entertainment


– Netflix
– Video game consoles
– CDs
– Speakers
– Apple Watch

4. School Supplies


– Book light
– Traceable paper
– Thesaurus
– Grammar guides
– Rented textbooks

5. Cleaning and Organization

Dish soap.

– Bleach
– Dish soap
– Wall hooks
– Plunger
– Closet rods

6. Campus Gear

Drawstring bag.

– Backpack
– Drawstring bag
– Skateboard
– Dress clothes
– Headphones

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing


– Portable heater
– Microwave
– Pets
– Cooking knives
– Air conditioner

David Mello

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