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10 Coolest Courses at Drexel University

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Lauraanna Quinting
8 Jan 2019
7 min read

Drexel University is a private research university with its main campus located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The acceptance rate is around 75%. The enrollment is around 16,000 students. Here are 10 cool courses you need to check out.

1. ADGD 210 - Print Advertising I

a comic version of a newspaper

In the class of print advertising I, you will learn the basics of advertising in print and its various differences depending on the print avenue. How you word your phrasing and visuals is much different in a magazine (especially on magazines targeted to a specific audience) then to a national newspaper.

2. ACCT 116- Managerial Accounting Foundations

managerial accounting illustration with a man signing paperworks and folder document, money and calculator on top of table vector

In this class, you will learn the different steps that it takes to do accounting in the management level. These are the key people that are the decision makers of where to allocate the money as well as analyze if the funds are being used wisely.

3. ARBC 101- Arabic I

a symbol of the arabic language

This class is one that is the perfect introductory foreign language class. The language of Arabic separates itself from the rest as being not only unique but also not commonly learned in America. This will be a great ice breaker for conversation or even a way to stand out on a resume.

4. ANIM 211 - Animation I

an animation of the characters from dumb ways to die

This class is the introduction to the major that is Animation. It gives you a look at the different forms of animation as well as the broad look at what animation is. It will also go over different programs that animation can be made on.

5. ARTH 101 - History of Art I: Ancient to Medieval

a painting of the representation of the middle ages

Art history 101 is the introductory class to the major of art history. This is a great major to go into if you are looking to work at an art museum or become a teacher. The class looks at famous artists and works that were made up until the medieval times.

6. ARTH 102 - History of Art II: Renaissance to Romanticism

a painting of the the 19th century outside

This class looks at the different art work and famous people that created during the time frame of the Renaissance to Romanticism. These events inspired many artists to convey their emotions through their creativity on canvas.

7. CIVC 101- Introduction to Civic Engagement

a group of hands in the air

Civic engagement is a class that will introduce the ideals of being a leader for change. When you want to engage the community usually it is to stand your ground on things that are happening either socially or politically that is not right.

8. CIVC 201 - Civic Engagement Leadership

a banner that reads civic leadership

This class goes beyond learning what civic engagement is to the transition of honing your skills to be a leader of change. This course goes over the ways in which people can better themselves when it comes to communicating ideas onto others and carrying out goals.

9. MGMT 260- Introduction to Entrepreneurship

a business plan and different charts

Entrepreneurship is a class that teaches students how to use their creative juices to plan out the best way to have their idea/ product come to life. It goes over the aspects of creating your own business as well as different factors to be aware of such as labor and funding.

10. MGMT 210- Research Methods I

an analysis of different research such as data and search

This class looks at the different ways that research is used to better be able to manage not only a business but people as well. In order to see that a company is being used to its optimal performance you need to be aware of different research methods such as interviews and surveys.

Drexel University is a school that allows students to have a feeling of choice. They are able to choose a large variety of different cool and interesting classes. The classes are not only are insightful for real life, but also take classes that could show you your possible career path.


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