Have a lot to get done and decide its time to stop procrastinating? Here’s 10 Places at East Carolina University to get you in the studying mood.

Your Dorm Room

We all love snuggling up under our blankets and listening to some music. What could be more relaxing than sitting in bed with a good (Calculus) book?

Floor Common Area

Roommate coming into the room? Getting distracted by Netflix in bed? Fall asleep under the covers? Maybe the bed isn’t your thing. This is why all the dorms on campus have common areas specifically tailored to the studying student. Most common areas are equipped with ample outlets for your laptop and single, double, and even bigger tables for group studying (and you still wont have to leave your residence hall… plus)

A Friends Dorm’s Common Area

Still getting distracted by your bed calling your name in your residence hall? Grab a friend to study with and go to their place. Getting out of your dorm will put your body out of sleep mode and into study mode.


East Carolina is littered with places to study outdoors. Whether You’re on The Hill and can make your way to the solar-powered umbrellas with outlets outside of Jones, or on West End and can make your way to the Mall, there are many places just to find a place to be by yourself (in an Eno if you have it) and get to your studies.


There’s wifi, food, outdoor and indoor seating options, and a generally chill atmosphere. What else could you ask for?

A Dining Hall

Grab your laptop and head over to West End or Todd. Finding a booth in the back or a secluded table, popping in some headphones, and grabbing yourself some food to tie you over makes the perfect scenario to study. Meal swipes will last the whole day, and you can just sit and get your work done.

First Floor of Joyner Library

The first floor of Joyner if littered with students just determined enough to go to the library. Grab a seat next to Starbucks or over by the booths by The Cave and get to your work around some other people trying to do the same.

Second Floor of Joyner Library

Need to be a little quieter of an atmosphere away from the temptations of Starbucks? The second floor is the “middle ground.” It’s much quieter than the first floor, away from the temptations and more of a studying atmosphere, but still not the highest level of study atmosphere.

Third Floor of Joyner Library

The most study oriented floor of Joyner. Dead silence, study booths, people getting their things done. This is where the real deal happens.

Private Study Rooms in Joyner Library

Is it 10 PM and you have a 5 page paper due at midnight? Joyner offers an online service to reserve any size room by the hour (for free). This is the real deal. Close that door, sit in that chair, and get that studying done.

Best wishes with your studying, and don’t forget to reward yourself after all this hard work, it is college after all.


Julia Morris

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