Weekend ahead

1. Tailgate

Go Pirates! Tailgating can sometimes be more fun than the game itself. The community of Pirates grilling out of their trucks, playing cornhole, and tossing a football around in the parking lots all makes for an amazingly fun atmosphere. No matter if its a noon game or a 7pm game, the tailgate starts at the break of dawn and ends at kickoff.

2.Go to a Fraternity

Greek Life is a huge deal here at ECU. Fraternity houses almost always have open parties every single weekend, which lead to different choices as to where you want to go. Fraternities often also offer designated drivers for their parties that can take you there and home, and save you the Uber cost.

3. Darty

Day Parties or “Darties” as we call it here at ECU are loads of fun in the warm months. We wake up early, get to the “Darty House” (often a Fraternity house), and have a whole morning and afternoon of loud music, games, and sometimes even bouncy castles.

4. Stay in

Sometimes you can have the most fun just being with your roommate/hallmates. Nothing beats taking some “you time” after a long week of exams. There will be many weekends to come and many opportunities to go out, so take a weekend to yourself and just relax, watch some Netflix, and eat some ice cream in bed.

5. Go a Campus Advertised Event

East Carolina offers so many campus wide events for the weekends! Wether its a movie in the ECU Movie theatre, or a guest speaker in Wright Auditorium, there’s always something going on campus that is almost always free to students.

6. Go Downtown

In the mood to socialize? Downtown offers a wide array of bars, clubs, and restaurants that are always loaded with other Pirates. Stillife, Pantana Bob’s, and Fifth are some of the fan favorite Bar/Club combos.

7. Walk the Greenway Parkway

Want to just take a walk with some friends? The Greenway is a great trail that wraps all the way around campus and can offer not only some great views around Greenville, but allow you to get your steps in for the day during a fairly easy hike that will make you feel good about getting some exercise in.

Go to Sup Dogs

Most definitely a fan favorite. Sup Dogs is the top choice restaurant of all the Pirates. It offers a great upbeat atmosphere, and even better food. Theres never a dull moment at Sup Dogs, especially on dollar Taco Tuesdays.


Julia Morris

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