Halloweek is the most anticipated week for ECU students. We plan our costumes for weeks, we meticulously plan which frats/clubs to go to each night better than we plan for exams, and we expect to forget about the stresses of college for this one week, and just have fun.

You may have heard the stories of “East Carolina Riverwalk Halloween 2014,” the infamous halloween that put East Carolina on the map for parties. 3,000+ Pirates gathered together, took over a few ECU busses, and completely caused chaos. This may have been an adrenaline filled night for these pirates, but lets put this out here at the beginning, that’s not what  is meant by “Doing Halloween Right.”

Finding the perfect balance of having loads of fun on Halloween and not causing a riot worthy of headlines across the national news is something we strive for here at ECU.

Heres a few tips on how to have this balance, from a Pirate who’s done it:

1. Plan your costumes ahead of time

You DON’T want to be that person who waits until the day before to throw together a costume. When October hits, you should be getting to thinking. Are you gonna be the one who shows up looking like the spitting image of a sexy Dwight Schrute, or are you going to be trying to convince everyone that just because you threw on some DIY mouse ears with your oversized t-shirt you’re now allowed to call yourself “a mouse.”

Go with a group

The buddy system is definitely something we here at ECU use. Not only is it fun to coordinate Halloween outfits as a group, but it is much safer to travel with your friends, just like any other night. Group costumes always end up being stellar (so long as you’re more original than 3 blind mice or Kiss), so with some good coordination and costume planning, you could be the best dressed group around, and get some insta-worthy pictures while you’re at it. Also, if one or two friends ends up getting a little carried away throughout the night, traveling in groups can prove to be much safer. No one gets left behind, and odds are, someone in the group will be able to get everyone home safe and sound.

Figure out where everyone is going

Planning where you’re going is half the battle when it comes to Halloween. You could have killer outfits, but at the end of the day if you can’t show them to a multitude of people, its an outfit wasted. Often times Fraternities will send out their party information the week of the party. Ask around to your friends and see where they’re going, if you’re in Greek life take advantage of knowing so many people and ask around. The more people that show up to a location the more fun it tends to be (within reason).

If cops come, don’t panic

Red and blue lights are typically a stresser in peoples heads these days, but the cops here at ECU just want to make sure everyone is okay and being safe. Often times if cops show up to a party it’s because there was a noise complaint. The most important thing to do is just follow orders and leave if thats what they’re asking, and you won’t get in trouble.

Don’t overdo it

Had a rough night the night before? Give yourself a break and stay in for a night and watch some spooky movies. As much fun as “halloweekend” can be, you have to remember that class starts back up on Monday. Choosing a few days out of the week as your designated “going out” days of halloweek is a tactic that a lot of students use. If you have a Math 1065 Exam on Wednesday, it makes sense to maybe stay in on Tuesday. You’ll thank yourself later when you see your classmate show up disheveled and late to class, still covered in the glitter from her mermaid costume the night before.

Halloweek has the potential to be one of the best weeks of the year here at ECU, but in the same way it’s just as easy to overdo it. As long as you prepare well and remember Halloweek has to end at some point and you have to go back to your normal college life, we can all avoid having a “ECU Halloween Riots 2.0”


Julia Morris

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