You decided to take Sociology 2110. Maybe it is required for your major or maybe you took it so you could have credit hours, either way – you are enrolled and now you’re probably wondering how you’re going to succeed in this course. Here are five tips to help you out!

1. Go to class

It seems trivial to say something as simple as “go to class”, but in all honesty, attendance is highly recommended for Sociology 2110. You get notes and ideas that aren’t always in the textbook, and some teachers give out extra information when the class is held right before a break or big event on campus (since so many people aren’t there).

2. Read the textbook

Even  though most people dread the idea of reading a textbook, it’s one of the biggest reasons you’ll pass the class. Some professors don’t give PowerPoint presentations, so sometimes you might miss some of the notes when they’re talking. The textbook is a great resource for catching up on the notes that you did miss.

3. Go to office hours

Going to a professor after class or asking a question in a class of about 150 people can be a bit nerve-wracking. So if you want to get help or ask the professor a question on your own time and have their undivided attention, office hours are going to be your new best friend.

4. Go to a tutoring session

One of the keys to passing any class is to be comfortable about getting help. Going to a tutoring session is extremely helpful and beneficial for your grade. Many colleges, such as ECU, have tutoring teams where the payment is included in your tuition. These teams are usually made up of Academic Mentors or students who have  excelled in a class in order to help others.

5.  Study! Study! Study!

Always take time to study for Sociology 2110. Review your notes, form study groups, study with friends, highlight the textbook, trade notes with friends too. Also, finding a good place to study is key, and most people would recommend you to reserve a room at the library, since they are private and quiet.

6. Have an open mind

Sociology is a very difficult class to understand if you are very opinionated. Having an open mind for this class is key because of all the varying opinions stated by students and even the professor.

Honestly, passing a Sociology class can be difficult, but following these tips can help you be successful and pass this SOCI 2110 class.

Abby Sikora

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