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Although Greenville, North Carolina is a great place to live and study, it is also an amazing experience to leave the country and learn! Studying abroad is one of the safest (and cheapest) ways to travel out of the country and meet new people. Not only do you get to explore and see new places, you also get to earn class credit while you are there.

Your tuition is included in the cost

Tuition is included in your study abroad experience, and over the summer you can take up to six credit hours to apply towards your degree. If you chose to study abroad during the semester, you can earn up to 12 hours of credit. Summer tuition can be very expensive, so why not take your courses in a beautiful setting?

You can go almost anywhere

At East Carolina University, you can pick almost anywhere in the world to study abroad and there is a program for it. Want to go to England? You can study public health in the heart of London. Want to study business? You can do so in the beautiful country of Italy. Also, ECU does not require abroad students to book flights together, so you have the opportunity to travel before or after your trip.

Your professors plan everything for you

In order to get you acclimated to a new country, your professors make sure that every mode of transportation and your first meals are covered. They also help get the best prices on group rates for different shows and local attractions. For the first part of your study abroad experience, you will have professors who have been to the country before and know their way around.

You get to meet amazing people

When students study abroad, they form a bond with their peers that can’t be created in a normal classroom. Whether it is taking a long flight together or wandering around a foreign city, this trip will give you friendships that will last a lifetime, and travel buddies for the future.

You get to experience a completely different culture

Studying abroad allows you to immerse yourself amongst people who are completely different from what you are accustomed to. If you go to a country that speaks a foreign language, this will help you learn something completely new. It is very interesting to learn the different customs of new cultures, and studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to do so.

Overall, studying abroad is one of the best decisions you can make at East Carolina University. If you desire, you can even study abroad more than once, for a summer, or for an entire semester! This is a choice you will not regret, and ECU has many resources for you to learn about different trips and courses that you can take.


Nicole Fox

I am a senior Recreational Therapy major at East Carolina University in the Honors College. I strive to help other students navigate life at Pirate Nation!

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