1. Football Season is Lame

Who would want to go to a school where football games are a community affair? Why would anyone want free student tickets to go see one of the best and most spirited sporting events in the whole state?  Pirate pride is one of the largest parts of being a pirate. Everything in town is either purple or gold (or both!).  Football at ECU brings the whole community together and is an event where friends and family can cheer on the team they love and beforehand have a great tailgating party. How horrible, right?

2. The People are Unfriendly and Keep to Themselves

ECU is located in the southern state of North Carolina and so is subjected to the horrible southern charm. People here go out of their way to welcome you and make you feel like you are at home from day 1. Teachers and staff will invite you out for lunch and support you in any extracurricular you are passionate about, which of course sounds just terrible.

3. There is Nowhere to go Outside of Campus

Campus is surrounded by any store you could possibly need making errand runs at 2am. Krispy Kreme is right down the road, and close to the dorms is downtown where you can find the clubs, skate shop, and everyone’s favorite eatery Sup Dogs!

4. Too many Professors

Unlike many large universities, ECU has a small teacher to student ratio at 1 teacher per 18 students. This means, people aren’t just a number to these professors, they actually know your name and will help you study and do homework during their office hours.

More info on cool professors can be found here

5. There are Few Degree Options

ECU offers 88 bachelor degrees, 72 master’s degrees, 2 intermediate, five professional doctoral, and 12 research/scholarship doctoral degrees, along with 79 departmental certificates. This allows you to meet someone who is an expert in just about anything.


6. Having the Brody School of Medicine Nearby is Just Terrible

ECU has two campuses, one for undergraduates and another for specifically health sciences. This second campus is host to the Brody School of Medicine, where students can do research and meet top physicians. The campuses are only a 10-minute bus ride away, so it is a great opportunity to learn. Why would anyone want that?

7. Tiny Honors Program

ECU hosts an honors program that has an entering class of 100 students. The honors college offers a full tuition scholarship as well as living spaces in the brand new dorm, Gateway. Next year, this program will be expanding and each class will have 200 students!

8. The Bus System is Never on Time

The ECU bus system allows all students to travel anywhere on either of ECU’s two campuses in minutes. There is an app that allows students to track buses, and a safe ride option for students who want to be picked up instead of walking on campus in the dark. All of this and you don’t even have to pay for gas!

9. Terrible Nursing Program

The ECU nursing program graduates the largest number of highly qualified nurses in the state. The program takes place next to a hospital allowing for volunteer work and experience for all students before graduating. But why would you want to be ready for your career?

10. Too Many Opportunities in STEM Fields

Around 43% of all ECU students are enrolled in STEM or health-care related fields. This means the school has the technology and resources to sustain over 10,000 STEM students!

11. Terrible at Inclusion Aimed towards Diversity

The undergraduates of ECU are 26% ethnic minorities leading to a very diverse and inclusive environment. The school has both an LGBT Center and a Diversity Affairs Center to help all students regardless of background be a part of the pirate family. In the end, ECU really is our home.



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