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East Carolina University is a campus that continuously renovates and builds new buildings. There are many big and beautiful buildings on campus. When walking into some buildings, you are utterly shocked with how nice it is inside. Some of these nicest buildings on campus are listed below.

1. Joyner Library

Joyner Library is open for the public to go in at anytime that it is open. It is three stories tall, and each floor is special. The first floor has the Writing Center, the second floor is dedicated to private study rooms, and the third floor is dedicated to group study rooms. The library is extremely popular come exam time due to the study rooms, and the building has a comfortable environment.

2. Student Recreational Center

The Student Recreational Center is an outstanding center filled with basketball courts, racquetball courts, a swimming pool, a weight room, and more. The building is two story, and you can always find something to do there. All students pay a fee in their tuition for membership to the center, so there is never a reason to not go.

3. Minges Coliseum

Minges Coliseum is an older building, as it was built in 1967. However, you would not know this by walking into the building. It seats 8,000 people, and many other organizations use the coliseum (most notably the Harlem Globetrotters). When wanting to watch basketball, Minges Coliseum is the place to go!

4. Science And Technology Building

The Science and Technology Building at ECU is a newer, and very nice, building on campus. The building was completed in 2003, and it is five stories high. There are many classes, lecture halls, and lab rooms throughout the building. If you go to ECU, it is highly likely that you will have at least one class at the Science and Technology Building.

5. Wright Building

Wright Building is found in the very center of campus. It has Dowdy Student Stores and many different restaurants. Wright Auditorium is found right next to it. Because it is in the middle of campus with the different restaurants, Wright Building is extremely popular and always has students occupying the building.

East Carolina University is a very nice campus, and any student visiting the campus for the first time may find themselves shocked. The buildings are huge, and the nicest buildings are the most popular places on campus. When attending ECU, you will definitely visit each of these buildings at least once.


Matthew Jennette

I'm pursuing an English Education Major and Psychology Minor at East Carolina University. I'm in the Honors College, and I'm also an Access Scholar. I enjoy writing, and my purpose as a OneClass Blogger is to help future students get around East Carolina University and succeed in classes! I am very reachable, and if you have any questions about my articles or about East Carolina University in general feel free to contact me: Email Address: [email protected]

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