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East Carolina University has ample resources for their students, with many of them that are pushed on you at orientation or heavily advertised. However, there are lots of other resources on campus that not many people know about that are really helpful. It is important to use these resources not only because they are awesome, but also because your tuition helps to pay for them!

The Wellness Center

Located in the Student Recreation Center, the Wellness Center offers a safe space for students to relax and unwind. This room has massage chairs, snacks, and televisions to watch shows or play video games. This is a great place to go after your workout or catch a breath in between classes.  They also give out free samples of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc. The best part is, not many students know about this area, so it is almost never crowded!

The Counseling Center

A lot of people are under the assumption that the Counseling Center is only for students that are experiencing a difficult time. However, this is not the case. This resource can be used if you want help transitioning into college or improve your outlook and attitude about life. The Counseling Center offers group and individual treatment sessions, as well as counseling for substance and alcohol abuse. Appointments can be made by phone or online!

Peer Mentors

A section of the Pirate Tutoring Center, Peer Mentors are a great resource to learn study habits and to help with courses. These students are older and more experienced, and can help you transition into college life. Your mentor will help you make study guides, learn the ropes on campus, and organize your schedule. They are here for YOU, so whatever you think you need, they can help provide. This is also a great on campus job opportunity if you are an upperclassmen needing employment.

Service Learning Center

For quite a few classes, students will be required to complete a service learning experience. The center for student learning and engagement allows you to pick volunteer opportunities based on your interests and log them on Orgsync to earn credit. There are many employees in the service learning center that are excited to recommend opportunities for students. This is not just centered on volunteering, there are also different conferences and conventions for students to attend.

Career Center

Located just a short walk from campus, the Career Center is a great resource for students. You can get your resume updated, have headshots taken or business cards printed. You can even do practice interviews for your field… and the best part is all this can be done in person or online! Each semester, there is also a career fair where the center brings in different employers and students can bring their resume and apply for multiple jobs and internships all at once.

College is an exciting time filled with all sorts of opportunities. While on campus, it is extremely important to use all the resources that East Carolina University offers you. Research all the options on campus, and pick the best one to help you do your best. Be sure to try all these out, as they will really help with your success as a student!


Nicole Fox

I am a senior Recreational Therapy major at East Carolina University in the Honors College. I strive to help other students navigate life at Pirate Nation!

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