School got you stressed out? Need an easy class to boost your GPA? Here is a list of 10 of the Easiest Classes at ECU!

1. PSYCH 1000 – Introductory Psychology

This class comes straight out of the book so as long as you can read you can make an A.

2. KINE 1000 – Lifetime Physical Activity and Fitness Laboratory

This class is basically middle school PE on steroids. You have to take it to graduate, so it can’t be that hard, right?

3. HLTH 1000 – Health in Modern Society

If you know that you get rid of germs by washing your hands, you already basically have an A in this class.

4. MATH 1065 – College Algebra

This online-based class is fairly easy as long as you stay on top of your work.

5. EXSS 2278

Intro to scuba diving. Need I say more?

6. DNCE 1000 – Introduction to Dance

Learn to do all kinds of moves for beginners in this easy class that will also keep you active and boost your GPA.

7. CDFR 1103 – Marriage and Family Relations

Marriage and family relations. A very easy class. Over half of the people that take it get an A.

8. FORL 2680 – German Literature in Translation

Grimm’s fairy tales. Not your typical childhood stories but still and easy A.

9. FINA 1904 – Personal Finance

Personal finance is a class that is both important and easy. You have to know how to keep your money if you ever want to get out of the debt you take on for going to college!

10. COAD 1000 – Student Development and Learning in Higher Education

Student Development and Learning in Higher Education is an easy class that will also help you understand how best to develop your study skills in college.

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