ENGL 1000 is a class at East Carolina University that is required for all students majoring in an undergraduate program. It is not a difficult class, but the students that are not ready for college can find themselves not doing well in the class. Even so, all students can find themselves succeeding in the course if they consistently follow the tips listed below.

1. Go To Class!

Although you should always go to class, many people at ECU find themselves skipping ENGL 1000 because they feel like it is an “easy A.” However, if you find yourself skipping the class too much, you may find yourself failing the class at the end of the semester. That being said, go to class, and ENGL 1000 will be easier than if you decide to skip.

2. Go to the Writing Center

The Writing Center at ECU can drastically improve your grades on your papers in ENGL 1000. Although you may feel confident about your papers, the Writing Center will always help to improve your paper and at least look over it and edit any grammatical errors. This will eliminate many ways that your professor would take points off of your grade.

3. Know MLA Format

One of the ideas that is supposed to be known in ENGL 1000 is MLA format. For the majority of your papers, you will be writing in MLA format, and your professor will be expecting you to know how to write in it. It is not difficult once you learn how, but if you do not know how to write in MLA format yet, you will need to know how for ENGL 1000.

4. Go to Office Hours

Your professor would be happy to help you with anything you have trouble with in ENGL 1000, so go to their office hours! The office hours are built into the professor’s schedule to allow you to get any help you need. Your professor will be available a few times each week, and if you feel like you need some extra help then this is the place to go.

5. Go Over Your Notes

If you take notes, then make sure you are going over them for a few minutes each night instead of cramming the notes the night before a test. This is important in every class, but the notes that you take in ENGL 1000 will impact your papers and other graded assignments. Your notes are not only written for an aid for tests, but they are created for an aid for all assignments. For that reason, you should study your notes everyday for ENGL 1000.

ENGL 1000 is a freshman level course that is not meant to be difficult, but instead it is meant to help prepare you for your more difficult courses. The course will boost your writing skills, and it will help you to understand what a college class is really like. If it is one of your first college classes then follow the five tips to succeed.


Matthew Jennette

I'm pursuing an English Education Major and Psychology Minor. I'm in the Honors College, and I'm also an Access Scholar. I enjoy writing, and my purpose as a OneClass Blogger is to help future students get around and succeed in classes! I am very reachable, and if you have any questions about my articles in general feel free to contact me: Email Address: [email protected]

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