East Carolina University has many options for majors…from business to public health to anthropology you will definitely be able to find the right choice for you. It is really important to research the different major choices and visit the academic planning center to learn more about career options with each major. Recreational Therapy is a new and upcoming field, and ECU happens to have one of the best RT programs in the nation. Here are four reasons why you should definitely consider majoring in RT at ECU:

The professors truly care

Recreational Therapy has fantastic professors that really encourage you to succeed. They are understanding and try and make sure assignments are spread out and tests are not given on the same day. Most professors make class interesting and dynamic. For example, some classes will be outdoors playing wheelchair basketball or going to visit a therapy dog. In this program, classes are not boring!

Classes are small

With some majors, all four years of college you could be in classes of 100 plus people. However, with Recreational Therapy, most classes range from 20-40 people. Twenty five students are accepted each semester, so the program stays small. This gives you an opportunity to get to know your professors and your classmates better throughout your time in the program.

The program is hands on

In the Recreational Therapy program, many classes require volunteer and shadowing hours. This gives you the opportunity to get out in the community and really learn what your future career will be like. You can work with adaptive PE, after school programs, nursing homes, etc. During your senior year you also have facilitation experience where you practice actually leading interventions with children with disabilities.

You become close with your classmates

Being in a program of only 25 people… you get close. Especially when you see them every day in class and study together outside of school. The people in the program will become your best friends and be an outlet for the stressors that college can provide. Recreational Therapy attracts a certain kind of individual, and if it is the major for you, most of the students in the program will have personalities very similar to yours!

If you are looking for the right major for you at East Carolina University, definitely give Recreational Therapy a chance. ECU offers a foundations course than anyone can take, so that potential students can learn the basics and layout of the program. It is important to know that shadowing hours are required to be admitted, so if you are interested look into that sooner and not later! If you want a hands on major that encourages students to give back, this may be the major for you.


Nicole Fox

I am a senior Recreational Therapy major at East Carolina University in the Honors College. I strive to help other students navigate life at Pirate Nation!

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