The College of Business at East Carolina University offers accounting as a degree and offers an amazing program. The accounting program offers many different courses, organizations, and opportunities. There are these reasons and more to major in accounting at ECU, and the best reasons are as follows:

1. Various Courses

To major in accounting, students will be required to take additional courses offered through the College of Business. This is actually a good thing, as these students will take a few classes dealing with management and finance. This helps students to get a better education that they would not receive at all universities, and it gives them a quality education.

2. The Mission

The College of Business has a mission to provide each students with an exceptional education in an engaging environment. There are four elements to this mission: Think, Value, Communicate, Lead. As an accounting student, you will be a part of this mission, and you will become a part of ECU‘s history.

3. Student Accounting Society

The Student Accounting Society is open to all majors, but you will thrive in the society as an accounting student. Being alive for over 25 years, the society offers numerous opportunities for students to learn and grow within accounting. You can become a part of this amazing society, and you will be able to engage in many planned events and have fun!

4. Accredited in 1967

The College of Business has been around for over 50 years, and along with it, a degree in accounting. This means that students have been majoring in accounting at ECU for a very long time, and ECU knows what it takes to give students a quality education in accounting. You will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your education when majoring in accounting at ECU.

5. Scholarships

ECU offers numerous scholarships to only accounting students. This means that there is no way to receive these scholarships if you are not majoring in accounting, so this gives you all the more reason to major in accounting at ECU. You could find yourself being debt-free when graduating from ECU.

There are many different universities that you can go to in order to get a degree in accounting, but ECU has its own special program. You will not find some of the benefits that you would receive at ECU at any other institution, and you would never regret your decision. Change your life, have fun, and major in accounting at ECU!


Matthew Jennette

I'm pursuing an English Education Major and Psychology Minor. I'm in the Honors College, and I'm also an Access Scholar. I enjoy writing, and my purpose as a OneClass Blogger is to help future students get around and succeed in classes! I am very reachable, and if you have any questions about my articles in general feel free to contact me: Email Address: [email protected]

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