The School of Art and Design at ECU has one of the largest and most abundant art programs in the Southeast. Majoring in art at ECU is something that many students do, and ECU is the “go to” university for art in the Carolinas. There are many reasons for this, and five major reasons are as follows:

1. Experience

The School of Art and Design has been accredited as a member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design since 1962. This means that the School has been teaching Art and Design to ECU students for over 50 years! If you come to ECU for art, you are clearly going to be getting an amazing education. The experience held by the university allows every graduating student to get out with as amazing of an education as any student from any other university, if not better.

2. Nearly 500 Undergraduate Students

Not only will you get a quality education, but you will have many people around you that you can become friends with. With nearly 500 students, you will always run into someone that has the same passion for art as you do, and you could make some lifelong friends. Being around so many people in this way will help you, as you can get study buddies, and they can help you to be less stressed.


3. 50 Faculty

Throughout the School of Art and Design, there are 50 different faculty members at ECU. These faculty know how to bring out your passion for art even more than it ever has been, and they will try to bring out the best of you along the way. They understand what a student can handle, and it may seem like you are extremely stressed at times, but it will be worth it in the end.


4. Scholarships

There are many scholarships that ECU offers, but the School of Art and Design offers even more scholarships that are meant for only art students. They are rewarded based on your academic portfolio and creative performance, and they help you to strive to be the best you can be. These scholarships could help to be the deciding factor in choosing ECU versus another university!

5. Study Abroad

The ECU School of Art and Design takes trips to Tuscany, Italy each fall, spring, and summer. These trips can earn you from 7-18 credit hours, and you experience a trip of a lifetime. Tuscany is the birthplace of the Renaissance, and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Even if you decide not to go to ECU, you can still go on this amazing trip with ECU!


The School of Art and Design at ECU allows many art students to come through and get an education that they never thought they would ever get. Not only will your art skills become amazingly better, but you will end up growing as a person. Your life will forever be changed, and ECU will become your home.


Matthew Jennette

I'm pursuing an English Education Major and Psychology Minor. I'm in the Honors College, and I'm also an Access Scholar. I enjoy writing, and my purpose as a OneClass Blogger is to help future students get around and succeed in classes! I am very reachable, and if you have any questions about my articles in general feel free to contact me: Email Address: [email protected]

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