Kine 1000 is a great class offered at East Carolina University and focuses on teaching students how to effectively get into the best physical shape that they can. Many may see this class as something that they just have to get through in order to graduate, but in reality it is one of the most fun and inspiring classes one can take!

1. Super fun games like Kickball!

Kinesiology 1000 is not only for learning about fitness and health, but also is super fun! Some days are focused on finding fun ways to get in exercise during your day and one of the funnest ways they suggest is kickball. Other games you will have the opportunity to play while taking this class include volleyball, badminton, and extreme frisbee.

2. The curriculum’s focus on enjoying your workout.

A huge motif in the lessons learned in Kine 1000 is that the most effective way to workout is to enjoy yourself while doing it. Time flies when your having fun, so the best way to get through or even look forward to a workout is to choose one that is enjoyable for you! You also learn whether you prefer dissociation (distracting yourself with music or tv) or association (paying attention to ones heart rate or stress levels) during a workout. This will ultimately make a huge difference in allowing you to be more active!

3. Learning how to lift weights safely.

Many see those fancy fit Instagram profiles and videos of people lifting weights and getting stronger and would love to try it but aren’t sure how to do it properly. This is one of the most looked-forward-to parts of Kinesiology 1000! There are lessons focusing on this resistance training and the ways to lift weights effectively and safely are thoroughly explained and explored! Everyone gets the opportunity to try out all of the machines and weights that they wish and are shown step by step how to use them.

4. Discovering your current fitness status and how you can improve.

At the beginning of the semester Kine 1000‘s main focus is most definitely understanding one’s current fitness levels in order to record and see progress when they try to improve. On the second day of class, fitness tests are done such as the pacer test, sit up test, push up test, stretch/flexibility tests, and a body fat percentage calculation. Through these tests one can find out exactly how fit they are compared to certain averages and learn how to improve. At the end of the semester these tests are performed again in order to see how students have improved so it is a great motivator to workout over the semester!

5. It’s not intimidating at all!

When first walking into Kine 1000 it is easy to get worried that you might be judged on your level of fitness, but this isn’t the case at all! No one, including the professors, judge you at any time and no one sees your fitness test statistics other than the professor.  A large variety of people take this course and they’re all are there to have fun and earn their credits for the course as well as learn as much as they can about physical fitness and staying healthy!

If you are ever in a situation of deciding when to take your kinesiology class, don’t stress too much as this class is such a break from hard classes such as chemistry, biology, and english. Even the homework in this class is always a fun workout! Although you learn so much about the body’s fitness and how to improve and live a longer, healthier life, the class is super interesting, interactive, and enjoyable.


Alyssa Fennell

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