Need another humanity to take this semester? Ever read any of the Percy Jackson series or been interested in mythology in general? This class might be fun for you! Classic Mythology 1500 at East Carolina University is extremely interesting and rewarding. It brings together many different forms of classical stories of mythology and connects and compares them to others as well as contemporary traditions and mythologies.

1. You learn about the all of the greek and roman Olympians.

In Mythology 1500, the absolute main focus is to learn almost all of the stories about how the great olympians came to be in power, including the most commonly known, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. These mythological figures will give you insight into a whole different culture and their greek beliefs. Being able to compare these stories to those of other religious ideas will give you an insight to the world beyond you! (these stories are far from boring as well)

2. The story of Genesis in the Bible is explained.

The story of Genesis taken from the Bible, while also known as a very seriously taken religious belief, can also be looked at from a mythological perspective. When considering the unique differences between the stories of greek mythology written by Hesiod and Genesis, including the creation of the earth and the focus on mankind or lack there of, one can also find similarities and therefore relate to some of the once thought wild and unthinkable mythological stories. In Classical Mythology 1500, this topic is thoroughly and respectfully explored and will leave you with a new understanding of the bible!

3. The teaching style is based on story telling.

While going to your other classes may be accompanied by stress or boredom, this class might have you excited and give you a break from the constant mindless note-taking you have experienced all day. Classical Myth is a course built on the ideas of comparing different amazing stories and rituals within the greek and roman culture, and if you have the chance to be taught by Dr. Tricia Wilson-Okamura at ECU, you will realize that this class is story-time on steroids! The twisted, action filled, dramatized stories are far from boring, and while you should be taking notes, you might find yourself enthralled in the story being told!

4. Learning about the different stories behind how the world was created is extremely interesting.

In almost every mythological story, there is an etiological concept. An etiological mythology is a tale of how anything was created, whether it be the stars, the see, pain and suffering, or love. These stories can seem crazy but can also be touching and poetic. Learning the different mythological ideas behind how our world was created is very easy to engage in during a lesson because of how compelling and delightful the stories are! Could this class get any better?

5. Many of the mythologies teach you a lesson about life!

Although these stories are fun and drama filled, they also all seem to have a moral or theme. Some of these morals can help you get through a rough time in your life or even inspire you to create or try something new. Mythology is a subject that one can study simply for entertainment purposes or to find an answer to a question they have been asking themselves for a while. Taking Classical Mythology 1500 can be fun, educational, and self-improving!

Even if mythology has nothing to do with your major or if you simply don’t want to take another humanity’s course, Classical Mythology 1500 seems to have too many benefits to turn down. Imagine taking quizzes on exciting stories about the gods for a grade or being able to recognize different gods and goddesses in great works of art or in motifs of ancient literature! These 5 topics of classical mythology will not let you down if you decide to take the class!


Alyssa Fennell

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