Hall Government is a part of Hall Government where students create events for their dorm. There is a different Hall Government organization for each dorm, and students in Hall Government have loads of fun! There are many reasons to join Hall Government at ECU, but the top 5 reasons are as follows:

1. Be Involved


One of the best parts about joining Hall Government is that you will become more involved on campus. There are many benefits to this, but one of the main benefits of this is that your name can get passed around campus. It is also always great to get involved places. This is one of the easiest and funnest ways to get involved on campus, so join Hall Gov and have fun!

2. Have Fun!


Hall Government has a very calm environment, and it allows you to have a lot of fun when being involved with it. You will go to weekly meetings, but these meetings are fun because you are around friends, and you are doing stuff that you want to do. You are creating events, and you are learning about ways to get more involved around campus and in the community. Hall Government is assuredly one of the funnest organizations to join.

3. Make Friends


All of the members of Hall Government live in the same building that you live in, so you will see the members of the Government around all the time. By being a member of Hall Government, you will meet more people, and you will become friends with these people that you will see around the dorm daily. You can never have too many friends, so there is no reason to not join Hall Government!

4. Help Create Events


Hall Government throws many events that people throughout the dorm attend. These events typically have free food, and you (as a member of Hall Government) get to decide what type of food there will be. You get to decide what type of events get to be thrown. For example, there will be a cookie event on Valentine’s Day at Gateway East. Not only do you get to throw these events, but you get the free food too!

5. Resume and Applications



Being a member of Hall Government looks exceptionally well on your resume and especially ECU scholarship applications. It shows that you are being involved on campus, and there are even specific scholarships for students that are members of Hall Government. Join Hall Government even if it is to just put it on applications of yours.


Hall Government is an amazing organization to be a part of at ECU, and there is no reason that you should not join. There are countless benefits that can persuade you to join, as there are no cons to being a member. Join Hall Government, have fun, make new friends, and be involved!


Matthew Jennette

I'm pursuing an English Education Major and Psychology Minor. I'm in the Honors College, and I'm also an Access Scholar. I enjoy writing, and my purpose as a OneClass Blogger is to help future students get around and succeed in classes! I am very reachable, and if you have any questions about my articles in general feel free to contact me: Email Address: [email protected]

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