When considering what major to study at ECU, whether it be your first year or not, exercise physiology could be a great choice! If you like learning about exercise and anatomy or want to pursue a medical career a major in exercise physiology could fulfill both.

1. You will know plenty about exercise to be confident in the gym.

A major in exercise physiology comes with many, many kinesiology and exercise classes that teach one specifically the most effective and safe ways to exercise. If you choose to study exercise physiology, these classes will certainly get you feeling super confident about how to pursue your health goals! Knowing exactly how to improve your body, how it reacts and grows, and understanding the effects of exercise and good eating is information some only wish they could obtain!



2. You get to take many kinesiology and anatomy classes.

If you enjoy these kinds of exercise and anatomical classes, this is the right major for you! In order to major in exercise physiology, one must go through many kinesiology and anatomy classes, such as kinesiology 1000, structural kinesiology 2850, introduction to biomechanics, nutrition, and much more. These classes will fully prepare you to take on any medical or exercise related career you wish to pursue and are also quite fun and interesting!




3. It prepares you for many medical careers.

There are a multitude of professions one could pursue with this major, especially those that are health related! These include becoming a dietician, an athletic trainer, a fitness instructor, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, and much more! These are career paths are some of the most prestigious as well as compelling and rewarding one could pursue! At ECU’s physical therapy graduate school, many students are exercise physiology majors. If any of these careers are intriguing then exercise physiology might be the major for you!


4. It’s especially enjoyable if you are an athlete or enjoy exercise.

If you have played sports throughout your life or have always just been an active person, exercise physiology might be enjoyable for you! Someone who has always been around conditioning and knows the ins and outs of exercise such as one who has played sports should find exercise physiology very familiar. You even might learn why your coach made you do all those laps before soccer practice or how you can get even better at your own sport! You could even learn a few things to maybe become a coach one day!


5. Chemistry and Biology classes will keep you at your best!

Last but not least, it is necessary to discuss the dreaded chemistries and biologies required for this major. They may seem scary and hard and you might think that they don’t have anything to do with exercise, but chemistry and biology are subjects that will teach you the structure of life itself. These courses might be challenging for some, but will take your idea of exercise and broaden it to a more scientific level in order for one to go into medical fields. Exercise physiology isn’t just for those that are active, but is especially for those intellectuals who want to know every detail about the body and want to use that information to do great things!


Exercise physiology is a major that is not only enticing, but also has amazing benefits and career paths as described. This major is most definitely a popular one, but proves exactly why when those who choose to study it get to take all of the fun exercise classes and have so many career opportunities when they graduate! Become super educated in fitness, health, chemistry, biology, and much more with this major!


Alyssa Fennell

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