1.) The Eastern Eagle

The eagle became EMU’s official mascot in 1991. EMU takes great pride in their newest representation and during student orientation, all freshman are taught the fight song. The sculpture pictured, “Eagles Rising,” is located outside of the university’s Student Center.

2.) Top College of Business

EMU’s College of Business was ranked as one of the best in the nation by the Princeton Review in 2014. Business, Management and Marketing are the most popular majors at EMU. The COB offers twelve majors to undergraduates and six majors to those pursuing graduate studies. Classrooms in the College of Business building have been updated with the latest technology to ensure students the best learning experience.

3.) The Ypsilanti Water Tower

The Ypsilanti Water Tower was built in 1890 and remains intact, now as a historical landmark. The water tower is known by locals and students as “the brick (word that rhymes with stick).” In 2003, Cabinet magazine named the Ypsilanti Water Tower the winner in their “World’s Most Phallic Building” contest. It is the main attraction in Ypsilanti for it's shape and history.

4.) Originally a Normal College

The University's first name was Michigan State Normal School then Michigan State Normal College before becoming Eastern Michigan University in 1959. EMU was the first Normal school in the U.S to adopt a four year program. It was also the first Normal school in the State of Michigan, which attracted those with an interest in teaching from across the state and country. Majors related to education and teaching remain top areas of interest among students at EMU today.

5.) The Annual Ford Lake Frozen Leap

About 100 participants and 300 spectators gather yearly to raise money for two charities; Growing Hope and Dollars for Scholars. A participant must have raised at least $50 to jump and overall, the event has raised over $80,00 since its beginning seven years ago. Fundraising teams come out dressed in full costume to either jump or cheer on others. Traditionally, the EMU football team and coaches will participate in the ice cold dive.

6.) The Fajita Fest

Before the fall semester begins, students of all class rankings gather together to learn how to get involved through EMU’s more than 300 student organizations and clubs. And, there’s fajitas for everyone! Hence, the yearly event is called Fajita Fest. EMU takes pride in the large amount of student involvement across campus. Students are also encouraged to start their own clubs with the support of faculty. Some unique organizations at EMU include, Aikido Club, Quidditch club and Ultimate Frisbee.

7.) The Pray-Harrold Kiosk

Students from different organizations are given permission to spraypaint the pillar to promote their group or to bring awareness to the EMU community. Organizations often write messages on current events or political views. This is a great way for students to make their voices and opinions heard and to spark a larger conversation around controversial topics.

8.) Squirrels Everywhere!

Squirrels on EMU’s campus are great in number and fearless. Many students enjoy feeding the squirrels. There is even a twitter account, @EMUSquirrel, supposedly ran by a squirrel on EMU’s campus. The squirrel, who tweets about their adventures at EMU and posts pictures and videos, has about 1150 followers, many of whom are students.

9.) Two Art Galleries

The Student Center is home to two art galleries; The University Gallery and the Intermedia Gallery Group, which is directed by students. The art galleries display art from the community and from students of the EMU Art Department. Once a year, the Student Center hosts The Undergraduate Symposium where students from all majors are invited to present their research. This is the event where art students’ work is largely showcased to the public.

10.) A Suspended Planetarium


Astronomy classes are held in this spherical classroom suspended four stories above the ground in the atrium of the Mark Jefferson Science Complex. The planetarium seats up to thirty-seven people and has a twenty-eight foot diameter ceiling. Students who study astronomy at EMU are privileged to call this unique classroom their home. Those outside of the EMU community can request the planetarium for educational use or can attend a show hosted by the university.


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