At Elon, the majority of MKT311 is done through MyMarketingLab. This is a website that assignments are learned through, homework is done, and quizzes/tests are taken on. Marketing sounds easy, and some concepts are, but it is important to stay focussed and study if you want to thrive.

1. Know your Vocabulary!

This is easily the most important tip in terms of succeeding on the exams (which account for 45-60% of your final grade). Many terms will come as second nature even to those non-marketing majors, but especially as the class goes along, the vocab becomes more difficult and often terms will overlap. Studying for the exams is vital. While all the questions are multiple choice, comprehension is needed along with a mastery of the vocabulary to get A’s & B’s.

2. Pace Yourself

This applies to both the quizzes and the exams. In terms of the quizzes, they are done at home and are open book. Once you open your quiz, there is a 30 minute timer. Depending on your teacher, there might not be a time limit at all. The quizzes are valuable percentage points that should not be lost. You have two attempts on your quizzes, so if you want to go the extra mile, make sure to mark what answers you’re sure of down so you can go back through the second time and find your mistakes. For exams you have the entire class period to complete your exam. Many students leave within the first 20-25 minutes, don’t worry! Take your time and make sure to mark down and revisit questions you’re not sure about.

3. Do the Practice Assignments/Questions

The practice assignments serve as a way to reinforce the material being learned in class. This is highly recommended to anyone struggling with the concepts being taught or with overall comprehension. No one likes doing work that they’re not graded on, but prior to exams if you simply run through each group of practice questions for each chapter on the exam (about 20 per chapter) there is no doubt you will be more comfortable with the questions on the test, and perform accordingly.

4. Put Effort Into your Group Projects

There will be one major group project/presentation that accounts for a major chunk of your grade, and this is where it easy to boost your grade. Many students choose to do the minimum, and it is easy to stand out through creativity (putting together a video) or simply enthusiasm. There are a couple other minor group projects that do not involve presenting in which again, much of the class will slack off, take advantage of these opportunities to boost your grade.

5. Work Together

Find someone in your class you can trust and has a solid grasp on the class, and get together for the quizzes, get together to study for the exams, and make sure to be in the same group for group projects. You can use a friend as a crutch in times of need, and mutually benefit one another to grow and succeed in the subject. This will force you into more practice and comprehension, while also helping you perform better on homework and quizzes.

Marketing is a fun class when you have success in the subject, and it is necessary for most business majors/minors. Teachers in this subject tend to give their students a lot of freewill, and along with that comes responsibility. If you are willing to control your desires and DO the practice questions and pace yourself on the quizzes and tests,  there is no doubt that you will prosper!


Skyler De Groot

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