Business communications is a prerequisite for many higher level business courses and is usually taken freshman or sophomore year. This class tends to have a lot more busy work than most college courses, but much of it is applicable in the real world. You should expect a relatively dull class that will provide the basics for your upper level courses.

1. Go to Class

Unless you have a close buddy going to every class, filling you in on what you missed, and plan on doing A LOT of individual work, go to class. The assignments are all explained in class, and while the majority are simple, some make no sense until they are laid out for you. There is something due almost every class, and often the professors will give you time to work on them. They will also help you if you have any questions.

2. Communicate With Your Professor

This is something that most students don’t do and it can increase your grade in the class by an entire letter-grade. Professors love when students reach out to them, even when it is over something extremely simple. Email your professor with any questions you have, specifically relating to formatting, due dates, or inquiring about topics learned in class. To further your connection with your professor, visiting him/her during office hours will strengthen your relationship, which is such an important thing to do, especially at a small school like Elon.

3. Use Your Resources

Not only is your teacher a valuable resource that you SHOULD always be using, Elon is also setup with useful tools all around campus. There is an entire section of our school dedicated to perfecting resumes, cover letters, letters, emails, professional dress, etc. All of these concepts are vital to performing well in this class. Simply emailing or meeting with student development, could help you ace every assignment. Another valuable resource is in the library, where tutors are free and will walk you through assignments (which can be extremely useful with major projects towards the end of the semester).

4. Double Check Your Work

You’d be surprised at how often students make basic grammar or formatting mistakes because they simply didn’t re-read their work. At the end of the day some assignments may seem easier than others, but that’s when it’s most important to double check your work. A good habit to start in this class, is to buddy up with a classmate, and every time you finish an assignment, send them to one another and quickly edit each other’s work. Again, you’d be surprised at the basic mistakes people make in this class which drop them out of the A/B range.

5. Do Your Work

Much of the workload in this class is tedious and can be seen as busywork. The reality is that over 60% of your grade in this course falls into this category, and much of it is necessary and will be used in your life, both throughout college and in the workforce. If you ever forget or just don’t do an assignment, do it immediately after class and email it or turn it in to your professors office as soon as possible. Individually, the assignments aren’t worth much, but they add up, and getting a 50 or 75 on a small homework assignment will save you in the long run. That being said, do your work ON TIME and you won’t have this issue, be relatively thorough and make sure to follow the instructions.

Business Communications is not one of the harder classes, especially in business school, but people often are not as successful as they should be because they either don’t do the work, or don’t go to class (usually both to truly be unsuccessful). If you go to class, and do your work, you should have no problem getting a good grade in this course. If you want to get that A, following the other three steps as well. This class can be a solid GPA boost with a limited amount of effort. Business Communications is a necessary evil. Don’t forget to check rate my professor for this course, and GOOD LUCK!

Skyler De Groot

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