Communications in a Global Age is the first class that is required before advancing to any other communications course at Elon University. Elon University is ranked #2 for Communications programs in America according to College Magazine and this is reflected by Elon students’ success during and after college. This class covers a wide spectrum of communications that will no doubt be used throughout your time at Elon.

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1. Do The Readings

You WILL be quizzed on the readings. There are 2-3 books that are required in this course, but this is not usually where students fall short. Every class or two, your professor will assign an online reading on Moodle that can take between 5-30 minutes to read, and there is a quiz 50% of the time. This is vital in your success in this course, as the quizzes account for 15% of your final grade. If you do well, your professors will appreciate the fact that you are putting in the time to do your readings, and this will be reflected in their subjective grading.

2. Prepare For The Exams!

This is definitely the most important tip for this course as the three exams account for 60% of your final grade. The tests are done in Blue Books (small blank journal pages), and are all in essay format. This can be a good thing if you go about it the right way. You have to know the information to answer the questions… While this seems intuitive, people feel as though they can BS their way through the exams because of the format – but you have to know the core concepts first. Once you grasp the core concept, then you want to be as thorough as you can in your essay. If you think it’s relevant, write it down! Professors appreciate all the knowledge you have surrounding the questions on their exams.

3. Go To Class

Going to class is imperative to your success in the majority of your courses, but there are some where you simply cannot get by if you miss too many classes… and this is one of them. The information you get in class is exclusively on the test, and professors do NOT post their Powerpoints on Moodle. So going to class is crucial to perform well on the exams. On top of this, there are pretty much weekly quizzes that account for a large portion of your grade, and these quizzes cannot be made up.

4. Take Notes

Generally speaking, students tend not to take detailed notes. In many classes this will not impact your grade too much, but in this class, the details matter on the exam. Professors will not try to trick you in these courses: if there is an extreme detail they want you to write down they will let you know. A huge benefit to taking notes is that you have a study guide ready for you come exam time. Use this to your advantage by taking down detailed and good quality notes. Set them up by chapter and highlight key concepts as per your professor. You can also become a Note Taker for the class on OneClass

5. Keep Up With Digital Media in the News

This is not required to succeed, but having some outside knowledge will push your participation grade above the others. Participation at Elon is highly valued, and in a course where the professor tends to be lecturing the majority of the time, participation still accounts for 10% of your total grade. Professors space out their participation grades evenly, so it is important to distinguish yourself from the rest of the class. Not only will this improve your grade, but it will improve your understanding of real world implications to the concepts learned in class.

Communications professors at Elon are amongst the best at the University and the nation. This is a great time to network, because as you apply for internships and later for jobs, your professors will be valuable resources. They probably have connections to major corporations and this can lead to great opportunities. Follow these tips, and remember that the quizzes and exams will account for 75% of your total grade in the course. On top of the hard work and readings needed to succeed in this class, make sure to ENJOY it! Communication professors tend to be fun and somehow make basic material exciting.

Skyler De Groot

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