Elon University is not known for having the best dining hall food, but there are some amazing On-Campus “On the Go” and QSR’s (Quick Service Restaurants) that are all part of the meal plan. This list is based on taste, service, variety, and overall quality.

1. Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einstein Bros. Bagels tops this list as they have a wide variety of hot and cold bagels & sandwiches that are complimented beautifully by their drinks, most notably their coffee and smoothies. Einstein’s is a Bagel ‘place’ by name, but their sandwiches, drinks, and on-the-go snacks are equally if not more incredible, not to mention healthier than most places on campus. That being said, their bagels are high quality (especially for this area), and come with chips and a drink. The one downfall to Einstein’s is the location, it is a bit of a hike from main-campus, but it’s worth it if you’re in no rush. Einstein Bros. Bagels consistently leaves their customers happy with a friendly staff and delicious high quality food.

2. Biscuitville

There is nothing more satisfying than Sunday morning Biscuitville. Biscuitville is a chain unique to North Carolina and parts of Virginia that has some of the best fried chicken around. Biscuitville provides breakfast & lunch sandwiches (with multiple variations), and chicken fingers. The sides are either big ol’ potato fries or a big ol’ hash brown. While the menu is not diverse, it is extremely satisfying when you’re craving some fried chicken, and like Einstein’s, there are few unsatisfied customers at Biscuitville.

3. Acorn

Acorn is one of the hidden wonders of Elon’s on campus meal plan. Acorn is open until 1am, about 2-5 hours longer than almost every other on campus dining services. Acorn has high quality sandwiches with up to 3 meats and a variety of toppings. The sandwiches are freshly made and come with a side and drink. Acorn is a true coffee shop as they have a variety of drinks, mainly coffee, smoothies, shakes, tea, and a few specialty drinks. Acorn is a filling meal, or a great snack location, that’s the beauty of Acorn, you make it what you want (they even have soup). Acorn’s open late, make sure you give it a chance before making that Taco Bell or Cookout run every night, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

4. Qdoba Mexican Grill

People often compare Chipotle, Moes, & Qdoba. Sure, there are differences, but at the end of the day your either getting a bowl or a burrito with extremely similar ingredients. If your reasoning for not going to Qdoba is that it’s not Chipotle, you are more than welcome to drive 35 minutes to the closes Chipotle. Meanwhile, Qdoba Mexican Grill serves as a great tasting hearty meal where you can satisfy your Mexican food cravings on the meal plan. Qdoba also tends to stay open longer than other dining services closing at 11 on most nights.

5. Boar’s Head Deli & Salads

Boar’s Head is a well-known brand throughout the U.S., and their deli meat is amongst the best in the country (if not the best). The sandwiches are freshly prepared and have an extensive toppings menu. Boar’s Head Deli & Salads also has freshly prepared custom ordered salads, and the protein selection here as one would expect is top quality. Boar’s head Deli & Salads is underneath the Colonnades Dining Hall and is connected with the ‘Fountain Market’ which has pretty much any snack you could imagine as well as a Java City only furthering the appeal. Boar’s Head delivers high quality sandwiches at a decent pace and is complimented by having one of the better locations on campus.

You can’t go wrong with most if not all the dining options on campus. Lakeside and Colonnades have bad reputations, but they’re often underrated in taste. Elon orders from the same vendor as other universities, at the highest possible level, and the dining halls are all you can eat. Straying away from the dining halls your entire time at Elon is not recommended, but if you have to do it, they’re plenty of options to satisfy your desires. Hopefully this list helps you decide where to eat next, or maybe try somewhere you never would have gone before.

Skyler De Groot

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